Jeffrey Pietrzak, Founder and CEO, Work ExceptionalJeffrey Pietrzak, Founder and CEO
To best serve their customers, maintain efficiency, and increase productivity, businesses must adapt to various circumstances, like demographic changes, competitive pressures, and technological advancements. In this setting, organizational development service companies are best equipped to help organizations with change, whether transformative or a more routine incremental change that keeps a business on the right track. Work Exceptional, a consulting firm, provides top-notch organizational development services and solutions.

Work Exceptional offers tailored business and human capital consulting services to help clients grow, retain, and build a high-performance environment. The firm tailors the best solutions for companies of all sizes and scales the pricing per their project needs and budget constraints. The consulting firm works with an emphasis on helping businesses grow from a people perspective, including organizational structure and design, human resources, turnover and retention, learning and development, organizational development, systems implementation, hiring, and change management.

“Since companies find it challenging to execute growth plans, we ensure to drive organizational development for clients by truly understanding the company and industry,” says Jeffrey Pietrzak, founder and CEO of Work Exceptional. Startingas a Chief People Officer, Pietrzak now represents Work Exceptional by directly interacting with the company’s decision-makers to help build peoplefocused initiatives. Armed with years of experience working in various industries, including healthcare, technology, insurance, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, recruiting, and distribution, Pietrzak helps businesses recognize their true potential and strengths. He alsopossesses a profound understanding of how to tailor solutions according to the client’s unique requirements.

Work Exceptional is aware of how crucial it is to understand a client’s needs before tailoring an overall solution that matches their company’s size, goals, and budget. It strives to improve the organization’s capabilities by aligning talent, structure, metrics, and management processes. After identifying the KPIsand metrics of the organization, the consulting firm helps determine the right organizational structure to ensure success.

Predicting the future in terms of structure, skills, and client needs, Work Exceptional is better equipped to provide solutions focused on attaining results. For instance, if the client faces a talent gap within the organization, Work Exceptional finds the best hiring solution. The company also supports clients in promoting their employees internally by mapping the right talent across the entire organization. In addition, Work Exceptional assists with succession planning, which enables the organization to foresee team performance and effectiveness. With years of experience building departments and helping startups grow, it is dedicated to perfecting the organizational design for clients, as a wrong structure or hire could be a costly mistake for organizations.

Work Exceptional’s interaction with a healthcare staffing firm stands as a testament to its top-notch tailored business and human capital consulting solutions. The client turned to Work Exceptional forguidance as they wanted to grow while continuing to be productive. Working closely with the firm, Work Exceptional identified and understood their business needs. It began assisting them by providing efficient hiring solutions to ensure a steady increase in headcount. Upon hiring new employees, Work Exceptional developed an organizational structure andidentified their most pressing leadership requirements to focus on growth.
  • Since companies find it challenging to execute growth plans, we ensure to drive organizational development for clients by truly understanding the company and industry

Work Exceptional supported their learning and development efforts through multiple formats like ILT and eLearning. To help the client with organizational growth, it covered different topics, including emotional intelligence, resilience in the workplace, stress management, and managing change. The collaboration proved to be a success as productivity improved and the whole organizational development process was efficiently and rapidly done.

The fact that it pays great attention to understanding clients’ needs to tailor the required solution within budget sets Work Exceptional apart from competitors in the organizational development space. The consulting firm aspires to expand its business over the next 18 months by hiring more personnel specializing in employee relations and engagement to better serve clients with customized solutions. Work Exceptional also strives to remain a virtual organization and aims to expand its client base across the U.S.