About Manage HR Magazine

ManageHR, through its print and digital magazines, websites, and newsletter, provides real-life knowledge and HR practices frameworks to transform the roles of its readers from HR professionals working for a business to Business managers who specialize in HR.

Our mission is to empower HR managers to step out of their traditional Silo and embrace a strategic role for their organizations, explicitly using talent to drive business value to customers and shareholders rather than just responding passively to the routine needs of businesses.

ManageHR offers its readers high quality, timely, and informative news concerning HR issues, as well as the insightful opinion and best practices advice from their peers facing similar situations. We cover all traditional responsibilities of HR departments: Managing job recruitment, selection, orientation and promotion, career development and job training, managing personnel policies, developing and managing employee benefits and wellness programs to handling work-site injuries or accidents.

In every one of these areas, we bring out new technology and consulting/training/services solutions available, experiences of organizations and businesses using these solutions to get an edge in HR functions and advice of senior practicing HR professionals on how to introduce these solutions in readers organizations and companies.

Our readership consists of

HR leaders (CHRO, Chief People Officer, VP HR, SVP people),
Analytics HR roles (Director HR Analytics, Director Workforce Analytics, Head of Business Behaviour, HR Tech Lead),
Compensation and Benefits experts (Director C&B, Head of HR Compliance, Director Reward & Recognition),
Employee Experience managers (Director of Employee Engagement and Development, Head of Employee Experience, Employee Success Program Manager),
Ethics and Risk Management (Chief Ethical and Humane Use officer),
HR Operations (Director of HR Operations, Head of People Systems & Design, HR Controller, SVP of People Operations),
Innovation Managers (Director HR Transformation, Group Head of HR Modernization, Head of HR Excellence, SVP HR Digital & Innovation, HR Success Manager, Head of Organisational Development),
Learning Leadership (Chief Learning Officer, Director of Training & Development, Director Leadership Academy),
Recruitment & Talent (Director Talent Acquisition, Global Head Attraction, Recruitment Manager, Candidate Manager, Director Talent Strategy, SVP Global Talent),
Transformation (Culture & Digital Transformation Manager, HR Transformation Lead),
And Wellness (Head Corporate Wellness)

We are always open to hear real-life experiences of innovative HR practitioners and leaders and bring that to our readership.

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