Hana Macková, CEO	, WOLIPHana Macková, CEO
The Czech Republic currently has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. Companies have a limited number of new job seekers, and this makes it a considerable problem for employers when recruiting. There are more and more jobs, but few candidates. Thus, companies try to attract candidates in every possible way. It is no longer only the salary that matters, but also benefits, the working environment, safety, or the overall vision of the company. All these things must be reflected in recruitment, and companies compete to see which one will attract more.

This is where WOLIP enters the picture. The Czech HR and consulting agency based in Olomouc deals with recruitment in its entirety. The services include recruitment together with HR marketing, HR consulting, Master Vendor, personal development, RPO, and Outplacement. Simply put – it provides all recruitment services for companies. WOLIP has gained its know-how for 20 years of work with a clear goal – to build strong relationships with clients and candidates that are based on mutual trust and respect. The breadth of activities it provides across sectors is quite unique, and in the Czech Republic it is difficult to find competition.

The Future of RPO and Talent Acquisition

Of its entire agenda, WOLIP values RPO the most. Thanks to many years of experience, it can adapt to various companies and help with tailor-made recruitment. Thanks to the fact that WOLIP team regularly visits the companies with which it cooperates and thus becomes a full-fledged part of the company’s operations, it can select candidates who resonate with the corporate culture and fit perfectly into the corporate team.

WOLIP takes over the entire recruitment process for clients, and mainly companies that do not have time to concentrate on recruitment or want to entrust it to professionals benefit from that. Within the framework of RPO WOLIP covers brand promotion, recruitment, and headhunting, conducts pre-selection calls, interviews with candidates, prepares employment contracts, takes care of activities before boarding and on board and accompanies candidates during the first day at work and throughout the probationary period.

The main advantage is the presence of WOLIP recruiters in the company and their ability to select the best candidates. Thanks to their experience from other companies, they have the recruitment process under their thumb and can effectively speed it up and improve it, thus saving clients considerable amounts of money.

“Our goal is long-term satisfaction of both our clients and applicants. We strive to speed up and simplify the recruitment process. We break down nervousness during job interviews and hire people where they can best realize themselves,” says Hana Macková, CEO of WOLIP.

Bridging the Gap between Hiring and Marketing

WOLIP is one of the few companies that has successfully bridged the gap between recruitment and marketing. All marketing activities are specifically adapted to the client’s requirements as the needs of each employer differ. WOLIP prepares a comprehensive recruitment campaign strategy to provide the client with a complete HR marketing service, marketing mix, visual and graphic content, tone of voice, budget, and timing of marketing activities.

Since successful recruitment requires a strong marketing strategy, WOLIP enables its clients to leverage various platforms and take control of their brand image through online, offline, and outdoor advertising. WOLIP knows that recruitment marketing is moving online on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Therefore, in addition to classic job advertisements, it also actively uses these platforms.

Our goal is long-term satisfaction of both our clients and applicants. We strive to speed up and simplify the recruitment process. We break down nervousness during job interviews and hire people where they can best realize themselves

WOLIP clients appreciate the services of the HR Master Vendor. In the Czech Republic, it is common for manufacturing companies to cooperate with several recruitment agencies at the same time, which is a time-consuming and organizationally demanding agenda. WOLIP offers an unconventional but very convenient solution. As a Master Vendor, WOLIP coordinates and manages the services of other recruitment agencies by pre-selecting candidates and presenting the client with only the most suitable portfolio of candidates. This saves time and money for the company, candidates, and agencies.

Among other things, WOLIP is not afraid of coaching, mentoring, or tailor-made workshops. It has a psychodiagnostic that measures employee burnout. This year, WOLIP has organized an outplacement project for a major company in the Olomouc Region, which laid off 30 percent of its employees. WOLIP helped to significantly simplify the process and enabled the smooth transfer of employees to other companies.

“Our work is very demanding, but we enjoy it. We don’t get bored and that’s what keeps it magical. We are constantly looking for ways to improve, and do things more efficiently and better. But we always work with and for people and we are proud of the good work we do,” says Macková.

Thanks to its innovative values and offerings, WOLIP has become a service provider with a focus on HR marketing. In the future, it aims to open a new branch in Turkey. By developing an ex-pat relocation service for clients and expanding into non-traditional markets, WOLIP aims to establish itself as a global brand in the field of human resources.