Any company not building a top-notch team is likely to perish over time. Today, a lot of companies boast about their hiring initiatives, but when it comes to confronting it, many entrepreneurs are not able to find the right talent to spearhead their organizations. This occurred as organizations started hiring people based on their resumes rather than gauging their efficiency, which could contribute to the business success and top-line growth. While rushing to a hiring process can hinder or prevent the acquisition of a valuable candidate, making the right staffing decisions empowers entrepreneurs to take their business to next level. One company that is at the forefront of spearheading this change is WePow.

Incorporated by industry veterans in 2008, WePow is set out on a mission to empower the workforce globally, ensuring a productive recruitment process across geographies. Since communication and time are the two factors that impede organizations from having the best team in place, WePow has brought forth advanced video conferencing solutions that break down the barriers of time and location for global hiring process. Regardless of the country a candidate or the hiring team is in, WePow brings companies and talent closer for smarter talent decisions with the power of video-enabled talent solutions. “To recruit successfully, employers must provide a fast and effective interviewing process that breaks down the barriers of time and location while addressing the always-on mobile expectations of today's candidates, recruiters and hiring managers,” says Imo Udom, Co-founder and CEO, WePow.

In order to improve the hiring outcomes and align with the entrepreneurs’ business objectives and expectations, WePow has brought forth a next-generation job board called fat student, which arms entrepreneurs with simple yet effective frameworks for communication, collaboration, and evaluation. Certified by EU-U.S Privacy Shield, WePow also eliminates the concerns when transferring data, such as company’s video interviews and other critical data, from one country to another. Being a distinguished company that has client based around the world, WePow’s more data driven and structured approach to hiring allow entrepreneurs make appropriate staffing decisions with powerful collaboration and evaluation tools. "WePow is dedicated to making it easier for companies to make better hiring decisions—providing robust video interviewing technology and a messaging framework for more effective communication, collaboration and evaluation," states Udom.

As digitization has empowered entrepreneurs to access the data with any digital device, WePow has brought forth easy-to-use mobile solutions, which allow recruiters and hiring managers to interview and collaborate with candidates at anytime, anywhere. Besides, the company also arms clients with three apps that are solely built for global hiring process. It includes Candidate app, Employer app, and Mobile live. While candidate app enables clients to pre-record interviews via mobile devices, employer app empowers hiring managers to make the right staffing decisions by watching, sharing, and evaluating the candidates’ continuously. In addition, these apps work in offline mode, push notifications, and brand clients’ company when candidates on their mobile devices.

WePow has brought forth advanced video conferencing solutions that break down the barriers of time and location for global hiring process

By automating administrative tasks and creating a simple framework for better decision making, WePow improves recruiter productivity, delivers engaging candidate experiences, and creates a positive candidate experience. "Although we made many significant improvements to the WePow platform in 2016, we remain committed to further enhancing our video interviewing tools and making the process as seamless for candidates and recruiters as possible," adds Udom. As WePow continues to work with companies headquartered in Europe, the privacy shield certification arms the company with the ability to grow its operations in the region while ensuring the utmost level of data protection.

Empowering hundreds of organizations to make the right hires, WePow has bagged numerous esteemed names in their clientele, which includes adidas, Fox, Tech data, Lenovo, CNN, Genentech, Pearson, and University of Vermont. Recognized among the HCM’s top 500 software vendors in the world, WePow’s true potential of the solution goes beyond the basic efficiency of video solution ensuring seamless integration with how organizations’ current recruitment process operate. To deliver on this goal, WePO has also collaborated with renowned organization in the world including BPAD, Nova, Avature, and UniverSum Global. By partnering with WePow, companies from different domains have been able to maintain the continued success for their business ventures.

“We remain committed to further enhancing our video interviewing tools and making the process as seamless for candidates and recruiters as possible”

As WePow’s solutions can be deployed across different workgroups, regions, and countries, companies with global operations are able to optimize their recruitment process, adhering to stringent data privacy regulations. "One of the most pressing challenges facing businesses today is the need to protect their sensitive data, such as information shared by—and about—their job candidates,” says Udom. In addition, the proficient team at WePow is committed to ensure that qualified candidates are hired using its video conferencing solutions. Going further, the company intends to expand their operations across various countries in Europe. “We also look forward to announcing even more new features, enhancements and partner integrations in 2017,” concludes Udom.