Erica Colonero, Co-Founder & Robin Pedrelli, Co-Founder & Partner, VisionSpring, Inc.Erica Colonero, Co-Founder & Robin Pedrelli, Co-Founder & Partner
DEI is more important now than ever. There are new challenges and renewed ambitions but the goal remains the same – to create inclusive and equitable workplaces where every employee has an equal opportunity to grow, develop and succeed.

A WBENC-certified DEI consulting firm, VisionSpring specializes in offering a broad spectrum of services that help organizations build their DEI capacity and drive business results. From fully-integrated strategy development and employee resource group consulting to continuous learning and training, the company’s suite of offerings is ideal for building a diverse and inclusive workplace. And cornerstone to their success is the relationships they build with each of their clients. In fact, VisionSpring has worked with some of the same clients for over 20 years.

“We’re diversity practitioners. It’s what we do and we’ve been doing it work for over 20 years. This is our passion and where we want to leave our legacy,” says Erica Colonero, co-founder of VisionSpring, Inc.

A testament to VisionSpring’s prominent position in the industry is its breadth of experience, history, and knowledgeable approach to DEI. Unlike many other consulting firms who entered the space when it was lucrative to do so, VisionSpring is committed to this work in the good times and not so good times. They understand this work is hard, takes patience and perseverance, and having the support you need can be the difference between success and burnout.

Most companies want and understand the benefits of a diverse workforce but still don’t have a workforce that is truly reflective of the demographic make-up of the United States. And with a possible recession on the horizon, DEI budgets are being cut and practitioners need to do more with less. Recession-proofing their strategies is a number one priority in 2023.

That’s where VisionSpring can help.

In 2013, when DEI practitioners were dealing with similar budget cuts, VisionSpring created the Inclusion Learning Loop™ as a way for their clients to come together, pool budget dollars and participate in a collective of shared thought leadership. To that end, VisionSpring’s Inclusion Learning Loop™ is member based learning community that provides clients with access to an extensive library of tools and resources, helping them integrate DEI into their core business functions and drive culture change.

Today, the Inclusion Learning Loop™ houses over 1000 pieces of content and is loaded with new content monthly to meet members’ needs. As a cost-effective solution that helps clients sustain the momentum and keep DEI an organization-wide priority, it’s as relevant today as it was back in 2013.

As Robin Pedrelli puts it, “DEI can be a highly polarizing topic that’s only amplified by the current political climate. It’s important that we create an environment where people can dialogue and challenge one another in a respectful way.”

To tackle resistance and pushback, VisionSpring approaches DEI with the goal of building compassion and understanding rather than positioning one view, person, or group as wrong or “bad.” They make story-telling and dialogue part of their training. VisionSpring never adopts a one-size-fits-all approach, and all their training can be customized to meet clients’ unique needs.

With its longstanding experience and expertise in DEI, VisionSpring has a track record of success and their training is known for changing the hearts and minds of its participants. They recently collaborated with a regional bank on the west coast to deliver customized DEI Awareness training designed to address their unique learning objectives. The client wanted to provide an in-person experience to give employees the opportunity to dig deep, dialogue, and ask questions. The VisionSpring team traveled to their offices to deliver the training to all their employees.

We’re diversity practitioners, and we’ve been doing this work for over 20 years. This is our passion and our niche and where we want to leave our legacy

In another instance, VisionSpring delivered a customized virtual version of its Unconscious Bias training to all the leaders and managers of a global manufacturing company. Over the course of a year, they trained over 900 employees.

VisionSpring has also delivered off-the-shelf training to a number of clients based on a specific, targeted need.

These successes best exemplify VisionSpring’s global experience in DEI that is backed by robust content and methodologies, expert facilitation techniques, and learning principles. Its integrated approach to DEI enables clients to drive sustainable change that enhances workplace culture, employee engagement, and business results.