Allessandria Polizzi, Founder and CEO, Verdant ConsultingAllessandria Polizzi, Founder and CEO
Since 2016, Verdant Consulting has been a leader in offering best-in-class services that facilitate change management and transform leadership capabilities, helping businesses thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace. The company, however, took a strategic turn in 2021, focusing more on employees’ psychological health and safety to drive change, given the growing impacts of their emotional exhaustion and stress on organizational performance. Committed to helping leaders navigate challenges and drive success, it offers comprehensive skill-building training programs based on peer-reviewed studies, neuroscience, and cognitive behavioral theory. These offerings are ideal for helping businesses flourish with leadership, resilience, emotional agility, and inclusion.

In an interview with Manage HR, Allessandria Polizzi, CEO and founder of Verdant Consulting, shares her insights on how the company trains leaders and teams to bring organizational change.

Burnout is Wearying Talent

One of the critical challenges facing organizations in today’s post-pandemic world is the ever-increasing manager stress and burnout. As recent studies put it, manager exhaustion has increased multi-fold in recent years, primarily due to heavy workloads, long working hours, overly competitive environments, and lack of recognition. This builds a huge burden on organizations’ operational excellence and ROI, as managers play a vital role in implementing new initiatives and identifying opportunities for continuous improvement. Adding to these woes, they are often asked to navigate difficult situations pertaining to employee burnout while managing their own stressors. This is indeed a huge gap.

Although I’ve worked with numerous clients in my 20 years of leadership development, I’ve never seen a solution or service that addresses leaders’ emotional needs and helps develop skills to navigate the work ahead. As a result, they rely on strategies, solutions, and behaviors adopted in the past rather than embracing proven methods to handle stressors effectively. That’s where Verdant Consulting is building a world of difference.

A Proven Service Portfolio

At Verdant Consulting, we specialize in providing proactive analysis and assessment services to clients, helping identify the factors that prevent organizations’ change management efforts. All of these follow the expert guidelines put forward by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We then build strategies to help clients eliminate these psychosocial hazards and risks, which is ideal for the proper implementation of changes. This is followed by our team educating clients’ managers and employees, equipping them with the necessary skills to navigate change and address their internal challenges. Here, we focus on two key aspects—what their barriers to change are and if they have the skills to drive change.

Dedicated to offering the best experience to our clients, the team at Verdant Consulting always adopts a customer-centric approach when collaborating with them. A typical client engagement begins with the team delving deep into their business, identifying their issues and objectives. We then work with clients to figure out the best way to equip them with the skills for navigating challenges and achieving their goals. All our services are then customized based on their unique requirements and industry standards but follow scientifically proven tactics developed through over 100years of research on workplace stress.

At Verdant Consulting, we specialize in providing proactive analysis and assessment services to clients, helping identify the factors that prevent organizations’ change management efforts

Our global team of certified affiliates covers every industry, providing us with the innate knowledge that makes programs, initiatives, and changes stick.

Client Success Stories, Speaking for Themselves

We have collaborated with a multi-location early childhood education center—one of our first clients—to help develop a resiliency program for their directors and executive staff. Our programs enabled their leaders and teams to gain skills for better managing stress, challenges, and conflicts.

As a result, they were able to enhance their employee retention, drive engagement, and maintain high overall engagement scores with directors. The skills they learned also helped them increase teachers’ retention rate. In early childhood education, teaching is a challenging role. However, with our timely program, they made significant improvement in retaining this critical talent.

An Attribute to Uphold

Our proactive skill-building programs equip clients’ employees with the skills required to manage critical problems as they arise, so that no matter what the challenges are, employees will have the ability to handle them. We also focus on building resiliency and belonging through our programs to transform the way leaders lead and onboard employees in an organization.

With all these capabilities, Verdant Consulting stays on top of the curve in helping businesses efficiently take ‘change’ forward and thrive in today’s fast-paced business environment.