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The Road to Effective Leadership

‘Do more with less’ has emerged as the motto for the leaders at all the levels in the organizational hierarchy as the business ecosystems transition toward technological sophistication. A new approach to talent has been adopted by the forward-thinking executives to drive success in today’s extremely competitive and resource-strapped business environments. Simultaneously, leaders are focusing on ways to maximize the contributions of employees within the organizations to drive ceaseless innovation and agile operations. With technology disruption being the new normal, companies are in urgent need of leaders who are digitally savvy, strategic, agile, resilient, and data-driven.

Today, innumerable specialized solutions and service providers are integrating advanced technologies and personalized relationship-driven leadership training programs intending to assist organizations in achieving the goal of developing leaders. Also, to reduce the friction that occurs during change management while adopting new digital technologies, a large number of businesses across industry sectors are conducting leadership training programs.

The “personal learning cloud,” which is the assortment of social and interactive platforms, online courses, and learning tools, will be leveraged by the leadership training solutions. It will evaluate skills acquisition and skills transfer at the participant, team, and the organizational levels. Therefore, with a paradigm shift in leadership education, companies can empower their leaders to make the best decisions quickly and easily.

In this edition of HR Tech Outlook, we are featuring a list of key players in the HR space along with insightful articles from thought leaders in the industry.

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    Top www Companies

  • A human capital management (HCM) consulting firm that was started to provide clients with a more personalized

  • ATOBI is a communication, training, and retail execution platform for retailers and telco’s who are interested in taking their retail operations to the next level. The ATOBI app is modular and tailor-made to clients. Customers can assemble the platform to the company’s needs and customize the look. Each module is superior within its field, but the true beauty of ATOBI is activated when combined. The modules are built to work together and create full alignment. Brands such as Calvin Klein, Nike, and Tommy Hilfiger are using ATOBI to engage their employees to increase sales and create unforgettable customer experiences

  • Delivers value to clients by improving the performance of people who affect business success

  • Delivers experienced resources with deep functional and technical expertise and offer them to clients on a variable needs basis

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