Dr Lars Pedersen, CEO, QuestionmarkDr Lars Pedersen, CEO
Decisions matter. When good decisions are made, they help organizations achieve their goals. This is particularly the case in the context of people-based decisions. Yet making good people-related decisions often depends on the quality of the information they are based on.

Questionmark helps organizations make better informed decisions, based on a clear assessment and a real understanding of the capabilities of their people. Too often nowadays there is too much reliance on old-fashioned manual processes, pen and paper assessments or other tools which simply don’t work in the current environment.

Questionmark provides a secure enterprise-grade assessment platform, professional services and ready-made assessment content. It also offers a variety of different question types, surveys and reporting capabilities.

In an interview with Manage HR, Dr. Lars Pedersen, CEO of the company, talks about their enterprise-grade assessment platform, the company’s go-to-market model, and how they address their clients’ assessment-related predicaments.

Please provide us a brief overview of Questionmark.

Questionmark delivers nearly 30 million individual assessments every year. Our clients often use the platform to carry out a broad range of assessments.

These include assessments for compliance and in connection with learning or hiring decisions. Compliance assessments may be in the areas of anti-money laundering, GDPR and finance. Learning related assessments can be in connection with training programs, government certification, global certification, competency testing, pre-hire, and even process-related assessments.

Alongside the software platform, we also provide professional services to help organizations make the most of their assessments. We have recently started offering ready-made assessment content as well, to make it easier for organizations to assess their people.

Our clients come from a wide range of industry verticals. These include but are not confined to financial services, technology, pharmaceuticals, utilities, retail, manufacturing, public sector and government, awarding bodies and higher education.

We have achieved authorization from the US Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorization. This means we are approved to deliver cloud-based assessments for the US government and military organizations. All of our customers benefit from the security, platform resilience and procedures we have in place for that.

We have deep expertise in delivering valid, reliable and fair assessments, built on more than thirty years in the market. Our 1988 founder, John Kleeman, is still with us sharing his expertise.

How does your offer improve the performance of your clients?

We help improve our customers’ performance by enabling them to better manage what in most cases is their most valuable asset, the people that work there.

Our service helps them make informed decisions about who needs to learn what, who has what potential, who has what aspirations, and much more.

Embedded statistical analysis of test results enables customers to make informed decisions based on assessment results.

The statistical analysis can also be used to assess whether the questions used in the assessments are fair, valid, and reliable. So our customers can continuously refine their questions to ensure that the data they have, and that the people-based decisions are based on, is sufficiently representative.

The benefits include:

We help organizations and their people improve their performance, and safely meet their compliance requirements, using online assessments and professional services

• Enterprise-grade platform: we are the experts with the experience to help, develop, and deliver effective testing methods and questionnaires done in the right way, globally.

• Identify training requirements: we enable customers to understand how their people perform and to identify the right learning and development and compliance training requirements.

• Easy to integrate: we offer secure powerful integration with other learning management systems (LMS), learning records stores (LRS) and proctoring services, making it easy to bring everything together in one place.

• Professional services: our professional services help to increase the benefit of our assessment platform and to ensure assessments are done in the right way. We can get customers up to speed more quickly or take on the overall management of the product ourselves.

• Assessment content: ready-made content that customers can use or adapt themselves.

Please elaborate on your onboarding process and the support you offer customers?

We pride ourselves on offering great training and first-class customer support. Our customers tell us that test-setters and test-sitters find the platform easy to use and that our customer-facing teams are helpful experts.

We offer a mandatory start-up service, which is broader than training. It includes project management to hand-hold our customers as they start using our technology. We lead them through their first assessment program.

We also have embedded ‘Questionmark OnBoard’ on the platform. It is a step-by-step guide of how to do the most common tasks.

As a result, our customers get up to speed much faster, which means high-quality information can be gathered more quickly.

Could you please cite one or two case studies on how you have enabled clients to overcome hurdles and attain desired outcomes

AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical business, wanted to assess its on-field sales team for their product knowledge, to develop their skills before they were sent to the market. However, they used paper assessments or CD-ROMs which created challenges around security, complexity, and extra work.

We were able to help them by providing an enterprise-grade assessment platform, with a range of different question types, surveys, and reporting capabilities. We are now delivering a range of assessments, including pre, during-, and post-training tests, surveys, and quizzes to all employees at AstraZeneca.

More broadly, many of our customers have recently started using our proctoring services to help prevent cheating by delivering remote assessments under exam-conditions to test-takers homes. This has helped many different types of organizations, in business, government and academia, to continue providing assessments when test centers have closed. We anticipate that this will continue to be a growing area.

What does the future hold for your organization?

More and more organizations will realize that their management information is incomplete without a clear assessment of their capabilities and expertise. So, we anticipate that the Questionmark Platform, Professional Services, and Content offers will continue to play a greater role in informing better decisions.

Currently, we are seeing an increasing number of companies currently doing assessments using pen and paper considering electronic and online solutions. As these organizations realize the scale and data analytics benefits of doing this with a platform such as Questionmark, we expect the market to continue to expand.