David Carry, Founder and CEO and Katherine Moore, Managing Director, Track RecordDavid Carry, Founder and CEO and Katherine Moore, Managing Director
“What does it take for a team to be truly successful?”

This question is a pressing matter for leadership across organizations. Seasoned executive coaches recognize the importance of creating a common language and cultivating confidence within an organization around their mission. This, in turn, helps enhance performance, build resilience, forge trust within teams, and manage stress, while fostering a productive work environment. Who knows about these vital aspects of team-building and performance enhancement in high-pressure situations better than Olympic-experienced professionals?

Founded by David Carry following his career as an Olympic swimmer, Track Record is an executive coaching and leadership coaching business exclusively comprising of former Olympic staff and athletes that gives organizations the tools and training to transform their employees and leaders into high-performers.

“We are helping leaders to understand how to optimize their performance and the environment they’re creating for their team,” says David Carry, founder and CEO of Track Record.

Its tried-and-tested methodology improves an individual’s and team’s output by developing the inputs to a positive team environment; resilience, confidence and trust, leading to a rise in performance and fulfilment within the team. Track Record calls this “Winning Well.” Throughout the coaching journey, the team develops their playbook which defines their ambition, identity and approach to achieving their collective win.

Track Record offers state-of-the-art executive coaching and a robust leadership skills development program, each targeting a different audience. Executive coaching focuses on an entire team, and members are coached individually and as a group. These sessions assist teams often going through a moment of inflection to overcome obstacles and come out on top by improving their performance. The leadership skills development program, termed ‘The Confident Leader,’ builds individual leaders by targeting the crucial behavioural elements that enhance performance.

‘The Confident Leader’ course is available as a single-day deep dive, a three-month program, and a six-month program. The one-day option introduces team resilience, performance gain, and other concepts, while the three-month and six-month options offer an expanded and deeper look into same content, differing in the amount of support around the program.

These programs encourage the participants to form a community, creating a sense of accountability and providing a platform for sharing knowledge.

Employees take tangible and practical steps toward achieving their individual peak performance, while Track Record helps leaders foster a productive work environment to improve team output and morale. This process is supplemented by data-driven coaching that utilizes evidence-based concepts from neuroscience and behavioural science.

Neuroscience plays a part in its various resilience-centered coaching domains, whether physical, emotional, mental or identity. Track Record employ a variety of data, like heart rate variability monitors, leading indicator surveys, and individual and team assessments to gather data on intra-team trust levels, confidence levels throughout a business, and the individual and team resilience. This data helps coaches determine the critical areas within a team environment that need focus, track progress and recommend techniques to deal with stress and pressure in healthier ways. Participants also receive access to a digital training platform that tracks their coaching journey and hosts notes, feedback, tracker-sourced data, and a library of additional content and tips.
  • We are supporting leaders to understand, for themselves and their team, how to optimize their performance and the environment they're creating.

“It’s helpful for teams to be able to observe their progress and consciously direct their energy toward a certain direction, depending on the results from the trackers,” says Katherine Ready, managing director of Track Record.

Track Record's staff go through a master’s level training program to become certified mentors and coaches. They conduct individual and group sessions in pairs, drawing from the concepts they utilized in the fast-paced world of sports to offer different perspectives. This unique approach produces tailored, well-rounded coaching experiences for participants, and procures near-instant results.

Its worldwide clientele is a testament to the success and impact resulting from its unique methodology. Organizations looking to support their employees with a cutting-edge executive and leadership mentorship and coaching program can lay their trust in Track Record’s practical training and development services.