Graeme Burke, Managing Partners and Olena Kuzemczak, Managing Partners, Top Tier TalentGraeme Burke, Managing Partners and Olena Kuzemczak, Managing Partners
Top Tier Talent is a headhunting and recruitment consulting firm that has transformed the executive search industry with its customized services. Utilizing appropriate research and leading technologies, the company helps clients recruit the best candidates to align with an organization’s mission and vision. We specialize in Canadian markets but have already started expanding into U.S.A and Europe.

In conversation with Manage HR, Graeme Burke and Olena Kuzemczak, managing partners of Top Tier Talent, provide insights into how the company finds the best professionals to fit its esteemed clients’ requirements, saving them time, money, and resources.

How does Top Tier Talent connect top-level talent with top-level clients?

Top Tier Talent offers clients a broad range of customized services depending on an organization’s requirements. Whenever we take on a project, our primary focus is to understand the company’s culture and expectations. With this vital information, we can select the best-suited candidates for a specific position, be it VPs, Directors, Managers, individual contributors, or C Level executives.

We focus on headhunting the best candidates who can add value through an existing network, experience, and bright ideas. At Top Tier Talent, we conduct comprehensive market research and utilize cutting-edge technologies to help clients quickly and effectively fill the talent gap.

We believe that the best way to help our clients is through using our existing network, strategies for direct headhunting and our strong knowledge of businesses from different sectors across Canada rather than relying on job advertisements. With this approach, we can cultivate a specific candidate pool of qualified talent tailored to our clients that won’t cost them additional resources.

In your interactions with leading companies, what sense do you get of the challenges they face, and how is Top Tier Talent addressing these issues?

In recent years, the unemployment rate in Canada has dropped significantly, which has presented a unique challenge for employers. Businesses now often struggle to find the best candidates with fewer potential employees on the market and a constricting talent pool. Because of this, employers must reach out to the right candidate at the right time with the right offer to secure top employees.

When screening talent, recruiters need to ensure that candidates perfectly blend with an organization’s culture and long-term mission and vision. That’s why our priority at Top Tier Talent is matching candidates’ goals, values, and expectations to find the best possible match.

Please shed some light on the solutions you offer.

Our search process is detailed and structured from start to end. We begin by discussing with the hiring manager and HR department to map out what their “perfect hire” looks like in clear terms. Then, we move to an in-depth, direct headhunting phase that involves sourcing, prescreening and interviewing. When we are confident that we have a strong group of short listed candidates, they are sent out to our clients with highly detailed introductions.

To complement our targeted search, we use AI-integrated tools to find candidates through our applicant tracking systems and LinkedIn platform integrations. Over the years, we have built a rapport across North American markets, which have helped us become a trusted advisor for our clients who never hesitate to give referrals to other people.
  • Top Tier Talent offers clients a broad range of customized services depending on clients’ requirements. We aim to understand the company’s culture and expectations whenever we take on a project

Could you cite a customer success story where you have enabled clients to overcome hurdles and attain desired outcomes with your innovative solutions?

We had a client who was losing multiple candidates through their in-house hiring processes, which consisted of several stages of evaluation interviews. Top Tier Talent entirely restructured the company’s procedures by working closely with HR and the managers. Instead of conducting multiple interviews, we connected the candidate with the concerned team members in larger panels, significantly reducing the time-to-hire. In addition, the feedback from the hiring managers and the HR Manager was so positive that we completely turn the client’s opinion around on recruiters, from unsuccessful past experiences with other companies to positive and valuable experiences with Top Tier Talent.

What are the factors that give Top Tier Talent a competitive edge?

We bring top recruiting processes using high-end AI tools for sourcing candidates. These tools enable us to be more flexible in our approach and find the best candidates without wasting time. We also have a keen eye for red flags and are excellent at providing a tight screening process. Our goal is to consistently find top-tier candidates who will add value with their skills and experience for our clients. Top Tier Talent’s approach and strategies are applicable across all markets and industries. We pride ourselves on our abilities to understand our client’s company, goals, vision, and culture and then find and match the right person for a particular role.