Veronica G Luna, founder, Today's Benefit Solution GroupVeronica G Luna, founder
Today’s Benefit Solution Group is driven by the mission to help employers engage, energize, and reward employees with affordable benefits that meet the clients’ and its employees’ requirements. What allows the company to achieve this feat is its long-term relationship with the top carriers and vendors. Most importantly, Today’s Benefit Solution Group has maintained its reputation in the market for superior customer service and for helping clients whenever any complexity arises.

In an interview with Benefits Advisor, Veronica G Luna, founder of Today’s Benefit Solution Group, shares insights into the company’s approach and unwavering dedication to serving clients.

Addressing Challenges with Comprehensive Solutions

The pandemic has driven the business world into a bout of turmoil. Even after two years of catastrophe, we still have not found ways to mitigate its impacts. Employee turnover is the biggest challenge facing businesses today. They are constantly looking for ways to attract and retain good employees. Needless to say, employee benefit has become a viable tool to achieve this goal. We not only provide clients with a service to help them meet that challenge, but we help employees realize how the benefit program addresses their health, and financial wellbeing.

We ensure meaningful engagement with both the clients and their employees. In many cases, employees are hesitant to handle their employee benefits because it is often an arduous process. To this end, we educate them regarding the benefit plans through multiple meetings. This ensures easier navigation of the plans. Needless to say, throughout the entire process, we utilize cutting-edge technology to keep all the information in one place, eliminating employees’ need to sift through multiple documents. We also do claims advocacy to ensure prompt and fair settlements from insurers.

For employers, we have designed a flexible and robust platform to provide them with all the right information regarding compliance requirements or where they stand as employers compared to the competitors. We never dictate clients’ next action; we just provide them with the right data to help make the right decision to keep employees happy. Our support is not limited to employers or employees, but it extends to employees’ families as well. They can call us anytime for any guidance.

Most importantly, we are independent. This enables us to partner with multiple different carriers and offers customized plans according to the unique requirements of clients’ businesses and their employees while lowering the cost.

We believe that sound communication with employees is crucial to deal with the problems of benefits usage and employee contribution. We do that by sending regular emails or dropping information into clients’ portals. To further bolster the communication, we provide a magazine, coming out every six weeks. The aim is to offer employees a feel-good atmosphere where they feel that their employers really care about them and their families. They consider themselves as a part of a larger team, ultimately improving their performance.

Many of our clients are small businesses without a dedicated HR department; they do everything by themselves. We equip these organizations with the right technology to have all the information at their fingertip and share benefit-related documents with all the employees.

Understanding Clients’ Needs is Essential to Serve Them Better

While engaging with clients, we conduct a couple of meetings at the beginning to understand their needs, challenges, and objectives. Once the enrollment process is completed, we conduct a meeting with the employers to provide them with holistic information regarding the carriers and the health products. We also make sure that employers rightly activate their memberships and employer portal and utilize it. Our team explains every process as a part of the onboarding process to help employers to better manage their accounts.

After that, we conduct another onboarding process for the members. We ensure that they know all the critical details, such as where to go to access all the documents or the deadlines. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are also answered in this phase to improve the member experience. Throughout the year, we again touch base with the members to understand the status of the plans or if they face any issue. We also schedule individual meetings with the members who need more time to know about specific medical events or activities.
  • We ensure meaningful engagement with both the clients and their employees

Compelling Instances of Client Success

The pandemic has changed the work culture dynamics across the world. Organizations are working remotely from home. I have a particular client who never had a physical office or a dedicated HR department. The biggest challenge for them was to provide employee benefits to all employees across different states. While engaging with the client, we had a conversation regarding their goals and their purpose for having employee benefits.

I pitched different types of plans that could be effective and affordable for them. Once the carriers and the plans were determined, we conveyed the details of the benefits to the employees through our technology and held virtual meetings with them as well to explain the purpose of each benefit. We have been working with this client for three to four years now. Every year, we strive to add more value for them to help them grow and keep employees happy.

Differentiating Factors in Health Insurance Broker Space

We remain flexible and innovative to serve our clients and attract new clients effectively. As a company, we never hesitate to experiment with new technology, and this is what helps us grow every day. I am also hyper-focused on providing the right customer service to accentuate a meaningful engagement with clients.

Above all, we believe that there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach to client servicing in this space, given that everyone has their varied requirements. Our independent approach is of great help in this regard. It allows us to always bring the right combination of solutions for clients. Content change