Gustavo Varela, COO and Regina Ragon Varela, Managing Attorney, The Varela Law FirmGustavo Varela, COO and Regina Ragon Varela, Managing Attorney
According to a 2022 report by the American Immigration Council, nearly 43.8 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children. It stands to show that immigrants play an essential role in the world’s largest economy.

However, the average immigrant faces many legal obstacles in the way of their American dream.

This is where The Varela Law Firm extends a helping hand with its comprehensive legal services.

Combining its in-depth industry expertise and broad knowledge base, the law firm provides customized immigration-related services to fit a client’s specific requirements. Be it family immigration, removal defense, or business immigration, The Varela Law Firm has got it covered. Meeting client expectations becomes a piece of cake with personalizing and customizing their experience.

The firm offers various services, including permanent residency, citizenship, and visa, to simplify family immigration, which is the primary basis for legal immigration to the U.S. It follows seamless legal pathways to achieve lawful immigration statuses to clients, despite prior deportations or undocumented time in the country. It benefits many immigrants who gain social security and education assistance. Adjusting one’s status after marriage also becomes effortless. In addition, the firm helps with student and investing visas to help immigrants get closer to unlocking a better life.

Another major service offered by The Varela Law Firm is removal defense. Specialized knowledge of court decisions in various federal court systems and the interpretation of immigration laws, statutes, regulations, and policies enable it to support clients in court proceedings in the best possible way. It gathers evidence to defend and help immigrants and asylum seekers facing detention and deportation.

Many big businesses in the U.S. bring skills and talent from overseas, which helps them fill talent gaps. However, potential candidates have to pass many immigration hurdles. The Varela Law Firm offers employment-based visas and investor visas for business immigration. It maintains a close relationship with workers and provides H-2B visa services, as many business owners reach out to the firm due to the shortage of workers in the country.

“A rich Latin American cultural knowledge gives us a competitive advantage in serving the largest immigrant population in the U.S. We are deeply rooted with the communities we serve and become a cultural bridge for them, creating the connection to build better client relationships,” says Regina Ragon Varela, managing attorney of The Varela Law Firm.
The firm helps immigrants overcome the language barrier that often prevents immigrants from getting the right services. Its multilingual team is adept at tackling this situation by communicating with clients in their native language and understanding their specific needs. Having first-hand experiences with immigrants has enabled the firm to meet clients in the language they are most comfortable with and help with needs other than immigration advice, like medical care information and procedures for opening bank accounts.

Be it family immigration, removal defense, or business immigration, The Varela Law Firm has got it covered

Being a member of the Association for Immigration Lawyers in America enables Varela to stay on top of rapidly changing immigration laws and regulations. The firm updates clients with the latest news on immigration policies via a radio program that reaches out to Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. It also has an active social media presence on Facebook and TikTok, keeping its followers informed.

The Varela Law Firm’s success speaks through the results it has effectuated. One among the many examples is of a client staying in the U.S. for more than 15 years and on the verge of deportation. He had an autistic daughter and a wife involved in drugs. The firm filed a case to get him out of detention and saved him from deportation because he was a stable and responsible parent who needed to take care of his daughter.

“Another notable instance included a family that urgently needed to enter the U.S. as the mother’s life depended on it. We got them inside the country with the support of the Department of Homeland Security and border patrol and made a huge difference in their lives,” says Gustavo Varela, Chief Operating Officer

These results are testaments to the experience and expertise of the firm’s founders. Regina Varela, with her background in psychology, counseling, and law, and Gustavo Varela, with his extensive knowledge in global and Latin American politics, bring the best of both worlds to The Varela Law Firm. They provide the correct information, advice, and mental support to distressed clients, providing them with a sense of safety and comfort.

The Varela Law Firm also has a non-profit foundation that serves the Latin American community. The firm upholds the values of honesty and transparency while looking to expand its focus into the field of personal injury and accidents to deliver better, more personalized services. Achieving upward mobility is no longer an impossible aspiration, with The Varela Law Firm turning immigrants’ dreams into reality.