Samuel Robberts, Chief Product Officer, The LCap GroupSamuel Robberts, Chief Product Officer
The LCap Group specializes in leadership insights, consulting, and executive search for highgrowth companies and investors. LCap Group helps organizations identify and develop strong leaders to maximize their leadership capital’s value. This can be especially important for high-growth companies that rely on strong leadership to drive their success. By providing leadership insights and consulting services, The LCap Group helps its clients make informed decisions about their leadership teams, which can help them achieve their goals and create longterm value.

In a conversation with Manage HR, Samuel Robberts, chief product officer, LCap, shares insights into how the company is helping organizations with its market insights and leadership development strategies to scale and reach their business goals.

Beyond the Typical Transactional Executive Search Process

Our focus is not just limited to executive search; we provide two additional services. The first one is leadership insights, in which we apply our Leadership Dynamics and PACE product suite to evaluate the impact and value of a leadership team. We have evaluated every private equity transaction across the U.K. and the European marketplaces. This enables us to benchmark and identify the differentiating traits of the most successful leadership teams across the marketplace. As a result, our clients can take a more objective and evidencebased approach to difficult leadership decisions, such as succession planning and development change.

Most important, it allows us to enhance the quality of our executive search process by going beyond the typical transactional executive search.

We offer various services to help investors identify and evaluate the leadership capital within organizations. This is an important aspect of the investment process, as the leadership team of a company can have a significant impact on its success. By providing deal advisory consulting services and building expert networks, we are able to provide investors with valuable insights and access to the leadership teams of potential investments or acquisitions. This can help investors make informed decisions about their investments and increase their chances of success.

Major challenges and pain points faced by the industry leaders

One of the biggest challenges associated with executive search is search failure. Records state that only two-thirds of executive searches are successful. The challenges associated with executive searches continue beyond merely hiring one. We have observed that only half of the placements can deliver the expected value that a hiring manager expects.

We rightly define and understand the requirements of businesses and set up the searches more effectively and rigorously to actually deliver what is needed for the business. We also focus on the onboarding process, which is one of the riskiest components of the executive search process. LCap, to this end, focuses on the behavioral and cultural traits of an organization to ensure a candidate is a perfect fit in every possible way for an organization.

Also, when investors seek to buy organizations, they want to build confidence in the business case by using comps. Our objective analysis of other organizations enables a rich peer group benchmarking exercise to give investors confidence.

LCap’s Unique Approach to Leadership Management

Unlike other search executive firms, our approach is not limited to solving the problem of finding an executive. We rather focus on understanding the right shape profile and developing leadership teams.
CIOS_QUOTES_REPLACE]Our approach is built around strong relationships with our clients. Understanding and partnering with organizations as they go on their journeys, LCap helps them scale and achieve their business goals. What differentiates us from the existing players in the space is our ability to step out of our comfort zone to help our clients. We leverage our capabilities and experiences to understand and resolve the leadership issues faced by organizations.

Often, we do not actively seek to change the leadership team in the seat; instead, we try to maximize the existing team’s efficiency. Major leadership changes can often cause disruption in the smooth operation of the organization. We focus on our client’s growth objectives and work with them to help unlock the next level of organizational structure and efficiency.

Scripting Successes in Clients’ Executive Search Journey

We worked with the U.K.’s leading private equity firm that wanted to carve a for-profit business out of a charity. This was an educational software business. Through leadership dynamics and insights, we helped them completely rebuild a leadership team that was fit for purpose and could navigate the sharp shift.

We have worked with a private equity fund on multiple occasions to deliver a whole leadership solution across multiple portfolio companies. We help them to evaluate, benchmark and understand if a team is going to be able to deliver according to their investment hypothesis.

A Vision of the Future

We are the U.K. market leader today for leadership solutions in Private Equity. While we have a limited presence in continental Europe, we’re keen to grow and expand that. Our goal also includes going to the U.S. market, where we will be able to offer our services digitally and in a self-service manner.

Growth is ultimately the key way to future prosperity. We will be at the forefront of an exciting wave of people analytics and leadership analytics in the future when objective approaches to assessing leadership will become more common.