Sacha Thompson, Inclusive Culture Curator and Founder, The Equity EquationSacha Thompson, Inclusive Culture Curator and Founder
Inclusive leadership in workplaces is crucial. But upholding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I)in the workplace is not just about recruiting diverse candidates, but it is about ensuring that employees feel included and appreciated equally.

Creating channels for honest feedback and resolving possible gaps in inclusiveness are significant steps. The Equity Equation makes this possible.

The Equity Equation offers psychological safety and inclusive culture assessments and programs to bring organizations to the forefront of the 21st century leadership development. Considering how mental health and wellness in the workplace are paramount to the success of organizations, The Equity Equation helps its clients to invest in employees’ psychological safety.

“We look at workplace behaviors to unpack how inclusion looks in their spaces, and help organizations build a strategic framework that curates an inclusive environment and resolves existing problems,” says Sacha Thompson, founder of The Equity Equation and an inclusive culture coach and curator.

The Equity Equation offers its services through two main packages: psychological safety assessments and an inclusive culture curation process. Both these offerings, complemented by The Equity Equation’s resources, coaching, and consultation, help clients shift toward more inclusive environments.

The process begins with a 90-minute presentation on the four stages of psychological safety to create a baseline understanding. The team also understands if the entire organization or only a specific sub-section of an organization or demographics needs to be focused on for the inclusive shift. Once identified, the target audience goes through a psychological assessment of 12 open- and close-ended questions. The assessments are broken down based on problems like race, gender, sexual orientation, and age. A week from then, the client receives the scores and reports.

The results help organizations analyze the psychological safety of their work environment and lay the foundation for another six months of one-on-one coaching of the company’s leaders. The Equity Equation also helps the company develop a dedicated committee to continue evaluating and work on making the organization more inclusive in the future. It creates room for more inclusive people managers with increased people skills, and develops an environment where every employee feels connected in a culture that is not driven by biases. Needless to say, it plays a vital role in enhancing productivity. The client is again reassessed after six months to analyze the changes and identify any downside that needs addressing.

The Equity Equation’s other pillar is the inclusive culture curation process, an extension of its psychological assessment. It is a more long-term process to double down and strengthen a company’s inclusive culture.

Clients gain access to psychological assessment andmore specialized inclusive culture assessment. The Equity Equation conducts one-on-one or group interviews to dive deep into the organizational culture and develop an extensive report based on the interview findings and assessments.

We look at workplace behaviors to unpack how inclusion looks in their spaces, and help organizations build a strategic framework that curates an inclusive environment and resolves existing problems

The comprehensiveness helps the clients build an inclusive culture team to remodel employee policies and DE&I strategies to bring about an impactful transformation. The team works alongside a dedicated Equity Equation coach to identify areas that require changes and highlight those in monthly meetings. The Equity Equation supports them every step of the way by providing one-on-one coaching for executives, people managers, and DEI practitioners.

This approach has helped many big and small companies; one of them is a 35-people organization. They witnessed a massive turnover of female employees due to the lack of a non-inclusive environment. The entire organization took up the psychological assessment and found that one sub-group was majorly responsible for this. The team had a score close to negative 55. With The Equity Equation’s help, and after six months of one-on-one coaching, their scores skyrocketed.The success motivated the company to continue collaborating with The Equity Equation.

The Equity Equation has also released a journal, The 60 Days to Self-Care, for helping DE&I professionals manage their emotional and psychological difficulties associated with the job. The Equity Equation’s podcast, DEI After 5, also talks about diversity and inclusion to help HR and DE&I professionals stay abreast of what’s happening in the DEI space. Through this added support, The Equity Equation wants to become the backbone of the 21st century leadership intelligentsia while continue helping companies facilitate inclusiveness.