Blaire G. Hervey, Founder & CEO, The Corporate StrategistBlaire G. Hervey, Founder & CEO
A diverse workforce establishes a safe work environment and improves employee retention. Statistics also reveal that inclusive organizations are more likely to be innovative and reach their financial goals sooner. But more often than not, organizations are oblivious of how to diversify and make their teams more inclusive, resulting in them losing out on valuable talents.

The Corporate Strategist, a diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility (DEIBA)-focused consultancy, comes in as the much-needed help organizations require to address this issue. They assist them in breaking through their people challenges with DEIBA.

"Our strategies are focused on what we refer to as the "three Ps"; productivity, performance, and psychological safety," says Blaire G. Hervey, founder and CEO of The Corporate Strategist.

The Corporate Strategist is founded on a “build-the-people” mentality, ensuring a client’s employees feel psychologically safe and fostering a sense of belongingness within the organization. It focuses on their readiness to get them to the next level in their career and helps organizations figure out their areas of improvement as it pertains to the "three Rs"—recruitment, retention, and readiness.

They offer a variety of services to clients, like motivational speaking, DEIBA enablement, and consulting. Their motivational speech sessions involve a series of engagement programs and coaching to encourage them to look within and determine their action plan and implementation of diversity in their firm. DEIBA enablement is a series of sessions focused on imparting knowledge and workshops that involve training sessions, followed by Q&As that delve into what the participants learn in each session. The Corporate Strategist also offers an opportunity to pick apart particular topics and apply them to a challenge they may be experiencing in their organization.

The consulting part of The Corporate Strategist is geared toward resolving specific client-identified problems. They strategize carefully considering all aspects of the issue to carve out an action plan to build a more inclusive workspace.

The Corporate Strategist follows an approach of "Feel. Think. Do." Their team onboards clients and guides them through change management, as they believe change should come from within. The team has conversations with participants, assists them in addressing their everyday thoughts and feelings, and steers clients toward a plan of action.

The Corporate Strategist analyzes the allyship continuum at the organization to further understand where each participant stands and guide them from a novice to a more proficient level, leveraging the DEI maturity model. The team walks employees through the process and educates them on how to apply DEIBA in their day-to-day office work.

Our strategies are focused on what we refer to as the “three Ps”: productivity, performance, and psychological safety

Establishing an inclusive and diverse workplace can help companies in more than one way. Recently, an organization with a homogenous team approached The Corporate Strategist as they faced customer engagement challenges. The team didn’t reflect their diverse customer base, resulting in most clients discontinuing services or taking longer to understand their products, considerably decreasing sales.

The Corporate Strategist came up with an action plan for diversifying the team. They revised the job description to invite a more diverse range of candidates and hired employees from different backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities so customers could feel a sense of familiarity and clearly understand how to connect with them. At the end of the process, the employees could connect with customers much faster, resulting in a significant increase in sales.

Driven by the objective of bringing in DEIBA, The Corporate Strategist develops meaningful relationships by building united and engaged teams within organizations, helping them curate safer work environments.