Jeremy Anderson, President and CEO, The Anderson Search GroupJeremy Anderson, President and CEO
“The war for talent” has been a buzzword since the 1990s, demonstrating how demanding it is for businesses—small or enterprise-level—to find, recruit, and retain talent.

Things haven’t changed much since then, especially in the financial industry. With the “Great Resignation,” “turnover tsunami” and a recession on the horizon, the war for talent is now more intense than ever, highlighting the need to re-examine and enhance businesses’ approach to survive and thrive. Financial institutions need a well-laid-out strategy to perk up their hiring game, build relationships in the industry, and attract passive talent that fit the company.

As a reliable hiring partner, The Anderson Search Group carves a path for banks of all sizes to land immediate impact talent by accessing the most qualified talent, not the most available talent and telling each bank’s story.

A boutique executive search firm, The Anderson Search Group excels at equipping financial institutions with elite talent in the bank’s commercial and private wealth divisions. The company helps clients discover the industry’s top performing banking professionals who are an ideal fit for industry-specific executive roles in commercial banks and private wealth. Leveraging more than a decade’s worth of experience, the firm identifies, qualifies and delivers top-tier executive leadership and producers in the community, independent, super-community, regional and super-regional banking segments across the country.

Specialization: the Key to Success
“We specialize in the commercial banking and private banking for banks across the country. It’s all we do; and we’re experts at listening, identifying and qualifying talent, and delivering that talent to clients,” says Jeremy Anderson, president and CEO of The Anderson Search Group.

The Anderson Search Group’s prominent position in the industry is the result of Anderson’s longstanding experience and expertise in recruiting. Starting his career at a recruiting firm in Grand Rapids, Anderson has gained extensive experience in executive search and found himself a leader committed to providing customized solutions to client needs while making a positive impact in candidates’ careers. With the coaching, mentorship, and support of Sanford Rose Associates, it has built a world class team that shares the same passion with a relentless desire to be the best in their space.

The team at The Anderson Search Group has built deep, long-lasting relationships with bankers across the nation, allowing them to identify and qualify the best of the best. This far reaching network of hidden talent ensures clients receive the elite talent needed to fill their jobs in today’s candidate-driven talent marketplace. It begins with listening to the needs of each client and then tailoring a solution for that specific need

Building on the Decades-Old Legacy

The Anderson Search Group adopts a unique approach to executive search and is always specific about its clientele. The firm typically works with banks that have a great story to tell and unique benefits to offer and treat it as a reliable partner and advisor throughout the talent journey. This is crucial to better learn clients’ business needs and objectives to take their story to the talent pool and make candidates understand their real value. Having such a powerful approach at the heart of its operations enables it to give personalized attention to each client and bring top-quality, difference-making talent to the table.

“We’re not for every bank and every bank is not for us. We believe the best way for them to achieve their desired outcome utilizing an executive search firm is to use a singular firm, not multiple firms. Not all banks agree with this approach,” says Anderson.

Unlike collaborating with multiple players, this model helps maintain exclusivity while also ensuring that clients have their talent hunt story explained in the best way possible. This is more effective, as multiple firms telling different stories and contacting the same candidate makes clients’ hiring strategy looks desperate. The Anderson Search Group, in this regard, educates clients that having one voice telling their story gives full control over the process, where they’re guaranteed to get qualified candidates within less time.

Changing the Status Quo

Serving as clients’ exclusive executive search firm, The Anderson Search Group is equipped with all tools and resources to navigate them through the recruitment process. Its services are either Engaged Search or Exclusive Contingent for direct/permanent placement.

Engage Search is a model Anderson developed as an alternative to traditional retained search, which clients had expressed frustration in having investment money up front to firms who did not deliver anything. With this model, clients invest an Engagement Fee up front to kick off the search, making it the exclusive search firm. This fee is applied to end fee and TASG guarantees they will present at least 3 qualified candidates the client will want to interview in the first 45 business days of the search or they will refund the engagement fee.

We specialize in the commercial banking and private banking for banks across the country. It’s all we do; and we’re experts at listening, identifying and qualifying talent, and delivering that talent to clients

“This is no brainer if the goal is to get qualified candidates to the table you can interview. If we don’t deliver, you get your money back. Why wouldn’t you do this? Zero risk,” Anderson states.

For Texas’ renowned super-community bank, First State Bank of Uvalde, The Anderson Search Group canvassed and qualified a talented senior commercial banker willing to relocate to rural Texas, handle the responsibilities of a large book of the bank’s business, and contribute to its growth. This was immediately after the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde. After successfully completing the search, The Anderson Search Group donated a portion of the fee back to the Robb School Memorial Fund. Similarly, another super-community bank was urgently seeking an elite wealth management executive to lead the expansion of their Trust and Wealth Division. The Anderson Search Group was quick to identify, qualify, and present the ideal talent for them well within the designated timeline.

An All-Inclusive, Customer-Centric Recruiter

Complementing The Anderson Search Group’s service excellence is its unique customer-first approach to client onboarding. A typical client engagement begins with an in-depth analysis of their needs through a kick-off call, where the team identifies their specific requirements and business objectives. Only after gaining a holistic understanding of their needs shall the team start building its list of potential candidates through systematic research and sourcing. It also helps clients formulate a better plan to represent their organization in a way that best attracts candidates.

Once The Anderson Search Group has a list of potential candidates, the team aggressively reaches out to them via multiple channels, e-mail and phone in particular. This is followed by a three-stage qualification process, where all these selected candidates will go through a two-stage recruiter qualification. Finally, Anderson has to qualify the candidates as the final step before presenting them to clients.

Not stopping here, The Anderson Search Group prepares and debriefs candidates and takes them through to the job offer. The company performs an in-depth preparation for the candidates’ resignation in order to avoid any attempts at a counter-offer from their current employer.

To Safeguard the Future of Executive Search

With a perfect line of capabilities, The Anderson Search Group is now serving as a reliable partner for a wide range of clients throughout the nation. Continuing its winning streak, the company is now planning on adding additional talent to a team already performing at an industry leading pace, empowering it to better serve the existing clients and attract more clients. It also has plans to expand its geographical reach. Despite having a coast-to-coast presence, The Anderson Search Group is entering various other states in the U.S.

The Anderson Search Group’s partnership with Sanford Rose Associates has exponentially accelerated its growth, as it continues to provide all support—mentorship and coaching—needed to take it to the next level.