Salo Doko, President and COO, Tandem HR Salo Doko, President and COO
Business leaders across the globe have come to realize the impact of strong company cultureon their productivity. As a result, organizations are looking to build the best work culture to keep their employees engaged and leverage that as a “talent acquisition and retention” strategy to grow their business. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled organizations to switch to operating remotely, many aspects of bolsteringwork culture, such as employee rewards and recognition and engagement, do notcarry the same weight virtually as they did physically. Most businesses have come to terms with the fact that they need to engage their workforce in a completely different manner now.In the thick of the rapidly changing workforce dynamics, corporate executives are clouded with a number ofpressing questions, such as: “How do we incorporate a strong work culture in such challenging times to amp up performance? How do we ensure a strong communication strategy for motivating employees during a crisis?”

Bringing an experience of over two decades in the HR field, Tandem HR enables organizations to navigate these challenges by plugging in those gaps with its suite of comprehensive HR solutions that create benefits for remote employees. Interestingly, the company began its journey as an insurance brokerage firm in 1997. Bruce Leon, the founder of the company, gradually realized the potential value they could deliver with HR solutions in the market by wrapping them around the brokerage concept and established Tandem HR in 1998. Today, the company offers a wide array of HR solutions and services ranging from, payroll processing, benefit administration, workplace safety, and more. At its core, Tandem HR is a professional employer organization (PEO) excelling in a variety of customized HR solutions based on client needs to boost their productivity and bottom line.The company also helps clients adhere to new compliance regulations such as Families First Coronavirus Response Act(FFCRA)that was introduced recently in light of the pandemic.

Primarily focused on mid and large size businesses, Tandem HR supplements its solutions and services witha robust Human Resource Management System (HRMS), covering everything from electronic onboarding, time entry, tracking and calculations, standard and custom reporting capabilities, employee record keeping, self-service, open enrollment functions, and much more. Further, the company supports users by allowing them access to strong masterplans for worker’s compensation, 401-K, medical and non-medical benefits.
Typically, the client engagement process for Tandem HR kickstarts with needs assessment rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach. Based on client requirements and their area of expertise, the company then zeroes in on the appropriate services, benefits, and technologies to put together a custom solution for their challenges. What truly sets Tandem HR apart from its competitors is its ‘assign professional approach,’ which means that the company will select a team of professionals, including HR/benefit consultant, payroll professional, and more, based on client’s business size, needs, and the industry they operate in. Rather than having toll free 1800 numbers, the company offers full service through experienced professionals assigned to each client. “In essence, we build a complete, remote HR department for clients,” says Salo Doko, president and COO, Tandem HR.

A testimony to Tandem HR’s expertise is the success story of a large healthcare technology firm that was looking for a complete assessment of their HR operations. After a thorough and holistic assessment of the entire HR organization, from payroll, workers compensation, compliance, benefits all the way to technology and communication strategies, Tandem HR put together a comprehensive report and list of recommendations for them. Realizing that the assessment was on point, the client then outsourced their HR functions to the company. With Tandem HR’s platform and holistic approach, the client was able to renegotiate their employee benefits to the extent that yielded savings of over a quarter-million dollars year over year. The client was also able to right-size the number of HR professionals on their end and become more compliant.

With such a stellar track record, Tandem HR is currently on a mission to expand its geographical footprint and has already penetrated multiple markets, including Wisconsin, Michigan, and Missouri. The company is also looking at other markets to grow,both organically and through mergers and acquisitions. “We want to have our own boots on the ground and establish a physical presence throughout the Midwest and the entire country,” adds Doko.