Devon Zopfi, President, Stability TechnologyDevon Zopfi, President
Founded in 2011, Stability Technology provides reliable IT staff augmentation services as a recruitment vendor placing high-performing individuals in the right roles. The staffing and recruiting firm’s services include contract staffing, contract-to-hire positions, and direct hire placements.

In an interview with Manage HR magazine, Devon Zopfi, President of Stability Technology, talks about how Stability, with its dedicated team, helps clients employ qualified IT individuals with wide-ranging skill sets and discusses the firm’s thoughtful approach to ensuring hassle-free recruitment.

The story behind Stability Technology

Stability Technology was established by Jason Casani. When the firm’s previously blossoming IT practice began faltering, Jason reached out for help in turning that around. I had worked previously under his leadership in another company, and enjoyed working with him. I joined Stability and since then, the company has grown each year, expanding across most of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Stability has succeeded in a way that I cared about most in building a business; a place where customers and candidates trust us. I believe it isn’t about how large a business could be and hiring a bunch of mercenaries, but placing qualified professionals in the right roles, as we do for our clients at Stability.

We care about our work and the people we work with, and the thank you cards roll in left and right on both ends of the customer and the candidate spectrum.

Challenges in the IT staffing space

The biggest challenge, specifically in the IT market right now, is the shortage of talent against increasing work opportunities. Finding the people that match a company’s skill sets and cultural aspects is a struggle.

We overcome this obstacle by always working directly with our customers. It helps us understand the technical aspect of what they look for in a candidate. We have different approaches in this regard. We have one where once a week our recruiters are asked to create new connections based on a given skillset and follow up with candidates that we previously worked with to find a good candidate with those skills. This continued connection with the candidates helps us keep a bench of people ready and aware of this possible opportunity. When the opportunity does come along, the process is immediate. We are able to approach the candidate for discussion and match them directly with the role. Our proactive recruitment drastically reduces the time of recruitment.

When a client is in immediate need of talent, they don’t have a week or two to get through the process of interviewing multiple people, where a candidate checks two of five boxes and another checks three. At Stability, we ensure that our clients have at least four to five boxes checked based on their criteria for qualification.

Onboarding customers

During our interactions with customers, we learn exactly what their needs are, and their likes and dislikes in terms of an ideal candidate. We spend time with the candidates to ensure that their needs match those of our customers. Too often, I have seen consulting companies or recruitment firms trying to place a square peg in a round hole. They just go for the goal of getting any available candidate to work instead of looking at the long-term play of getting the right person to work.

Our approach of taking the time to understand our customers and doing our due diligence guarantees solid recruitment, which ensures that customers continually return to us. That is a big part of what I wanted to build at Stability.

Clients know they are our number one priority, and their roles are our priorities. We ensure transparency in our communications with customers and candidates so that both stakeholders know exactly why we recommend a particular candidate for a role. If you work with respect, honesty, and quality communication, that interaction is successful and reaps future rewards.

The business interaction with the customer isn’t one and done, it is forever.

The culture of work at Stability Technology

At Stability, we enjoy each other’s company and celebrate key milestones of our lives together. We are a team, and as friends, we work hard with a shared passion for what we do. We adopt the same approach with our customers.

Customer success that highlights Stability Technology’s expertise

Among our numerous clients, some are busy throughout the year while others are seasonal. We have learned while working with clients, specifically seasonal ones, to get in touch with them two to three months ahead of time and ascertain their requirements and expected date of recruitment. We start our recruitment months ahead to ensure that when the season kicks off and they have the green light to start onboarding, the candidates are already waiting for them. We respond much faster than our competitors, who start from zero. We dominate those recruitment openings with the ahead-of-time knowledge that allows us to better serve our clients when the need arises and make it even more successful.

The value of maintaining a good relationship with clients

I believe the relationship between customer and vendor is paramount. For a vendor to be viewed as a partner, one needs to understand the client and what they need on a day-to-day basis. In interviews for internal recruitment jobs, I try to get to know people on a personal level to help customers get the best fit of candidates in both technical and cultural aspects.

Stability has succeeded in a way that I cared about most in building a business; a place where customers and candidates trust us

The cultural fit is tremendously important in any type of interaction because the right person in the right job will only ensure better productivity, a happier workplace, everything that you need.

My relationship with my customers is very solid in the sense that I’m Devon, I’m an open book, and this is my life; this is what I do. The better we know each other, work and personal, the better I’ll be at serving you.

The vision for Stability Technology

The most important goal that I attained with Stability was creating a place where customers could go, knowing that they will be taken care of, and where internal employees could thrive and be as fortunate as I have been. Stability has had this massive growth due to our team’s hard work and effort and our clients’ trust.