Jennifer Farris, Co-Founder & CEO, SquadleyJennifer Farris, Co-Founder & CEO
With the onset of the gig economy, legacy tools and the traditional approach to workforce management just aren’t enough. While most workforce management solutions are managed by HR departments, Squadley is here to change the status quo. Founded by HR industry experts who have rich experience in building a strong HR foundation for numerous companies, Squadley is simply focused on the future of work. Squadley democratizes the access to workforce management tools for teams, managers, and HR. This facilitates a manager’s access to accurate employee data, which was not possible before. With clear visibility into the responsibility and accountability aspects of workforce management, they can define a clear roadmap for managing productivity, talent strategy, and leadership development.

Squadley takes around five minutes for managers to install and start using it. Once installed, the transparency offered by Squadley drives managers to become responsible, accountable, and informed. With its integrated smart solutions, Squadley empowers managers to conduct smart polls and draw insights on the determination and urge of the workforce toward achieving individual goals and contribute to company’s growth. Thus, managers get a 360-degree view on how aligned their teams are toward their co-workers and the company, in totality. Besides, Squadley deploys ‘Virtual Coach’ to suggest managers and employees on how to make more sense out of data, and remind them about short-term goals. When put to use, Virtual Coach acts as an alarm system to remind employees about their deadlines. The system tracks the performance of employees and ensures that none of them is being over-burdened with tasks. With these feature-rich capabilities installed into the workflow of a company, Squadley helps its clients to improve performance and engagement of employees and also makes sure that each employee is valued equally.

Squadley consolidates and integrates several HR tech solutions in its platform and streamlines a client’s daily work to develop a unified system to conduct surveys, distill data, and garner insights about the workforce. Squadley implements machine learning and deep analytics to automate all the processes that are involved in managing workforces.
Powered by these technologies, Squadley automatically informs managers about situations where the company’s workflow takes a detour from the dedicated plans and thus, enables managers to address workforce management problems at an enterprise level. It then cues the procured data directly to teams, managers, and HRs. “Our solutions are as valuable to managers as Jarvis is to Ironman,” quips Jennifer Farris, CEO and Co-Founder of Squadley.

Just like Ironman has Jarvis, we want to equip managers with a next-generation solution using which they can address end-to-end workforce management problems

Squadley addresses the end-to-end problems of its clients and brings a holistic solution for workforce success. Being an industry and country-agnostic company, Squadley offers solutions to companies irrespective of the country they are based at. The only requisite for companies to anchorage Squadley is a drive to set goals and track feedback.

Farris recalls an instance where one of their clients faced problems while evaluating the performance of their workforce. Having leveraged Squadley, the client reported that goals and priorities became clearer to the workforce than before, while their interactions with managers surged by 30 percent in a matter of 60 days.

Considering the heavy influx of data that companies encounter these days, Squadley is taking inroads into adopting visualization techniques to enhance the process of garnering insights from data, while ensuring that clients stay ahead of their needs. Also, the company aims to leverage machine learning and add features to its solution that are relevant to the gig economy. Squadley is fully motivated to offer its clients with on-demand coaching and introduce them to the future of work.