Bruce Williamson, Consultant, Spencer StuartBruce Williamson, Consultant
As infrastructure companies embrace more collaborative approaches to working with clients and one another, mindsets, skill sets, and processes will need to evolve for organizations to become more agile and creative. With infrastructure projects becoming larger and ever more complex, most infrastructure leaders recognize the need to transform their organization’s culture.

Today, companies flaunt diverse and inclusive work environments while being more adaptable and creative, thus attracting top talent. And, getting the mix of culture, organizational structures, and talent right will be a top priority for most infrastructure leaders—and a thorny one.

Spencer Stuart can help those organizations move the needle!

The Illinois-based believes that diversity of thought contributes to a complete understanding of opportunities and issues, fostering better decision-making and competitive advantage. As for many companies, demographic shifts and expansion into new markets will result in a more geographically dispersed and multicultural workforce. “The first step is for leaders to embrace the notion that diversity is a business-performance issue, not a compliance issue,” states Bruce Williamson, a Consultant at Spencer Stuart. The evidence continues to mount that diversity and inclusion not only unleash creativity and innovation but also encourage strong learning cultures and position companies to outperform their peers. Besides, Spencer Stuart also enables organizations to tap into contributions from high-performing executives from various backgrounds and experiences and succeed in an increasingly complex marketplace.

The firm’s consultants are committed to providing the most qualified and inclusive candidate slates available. They apply deep expertise on the issues and individual executives to find candidates who reflect a client’s unique priorities for industry expertise, functional knowledge, multicultural background, and international experience. Having strong relationships with senior executives across the spectrum of gender, nationality, and cultural backgrounds present candidates with suitable career opportunities that represent a good fit with their capabilities and ambitions.

Spencer Stuart also proactively tracks Fortune 1000 diversity executives, giving them unparalleled knowledge of top multicultural leaders globally. A long history of helping companies build diverse, dynamic leadership teams, Spencer Stuart has placed more than 700 diversity candidates into crucial executive positions and 200 into board director roles. Nearly one-third of the 2017 Fortune “Most Powerful Women” are an executive or board placements of Spencer Stuart.

The first step is for leaders to embrace the notion that diversity is a business-performance issue, not a compliance issue

At its core, Spencer Stuart focuses explicitly on developing and nurturing deep, long-term relationships with clients and candidates because strong relationships lead to the best ideas, more diverse and informed options, and broad access to the most talented leaders. Bringing together the market and leadership knowledge of consultants across more than 70 offices in over 30 countries and rigorous assessment methodologies, Spencer Stuart helps select and develop outstanding leaders, improve the performance of teams, increase employee engagement and align organizational culture with strategy.

Further, an inclusive workplace that understands their employees’ needs, making them feel valued and respected, has a significant and positive impact on employee retention. Perhaps most importantly, companies that openly articulate values of inclusion and have a diverse workforce tend to appeal to a wider customer and supplier base. Having over six decades of experience in leadership consulting, the firm has built a reputation for delivering real impact for its clients — from the world’s largest companies to entrepreneurial start-ups to non-profit organizations. Because leadership doesn’t operate in a vacuum, Spencer Stuart invests time in diagnosing the relevant strategic, organizational, and business context as part of every assignment, tailoring its approach to its clients’ organizational needs.