Manuel Rosado, President & Partner, Spectrum Investment AdvisorsManuel Rosado, President & Partner
Spectrum Investment Advisors is a harmonious team of passionate individuals that provides financial wellness, retirement plans, and wealth management programs for employees as part of employee engagement benefits. With an informed perspective, it offers in-depth customized financial consulting services to employees using color-coded materials, communicating investment decisions to improve investment outlook and make employees retirement ready.

In an interview with Manage HR, Manuel Rosado, president and partner of Spectrum Investment Advisors, discusses the importance of on-premise financial advisors’ guidance on retirement plans for engaging the workforce.

Spectrum Investing Advisor’s multi-pronged approach to retirement planning

We have developed an exclusive financial wellness program, GuideSteps for employees, an eight-step process for educating and guiding employees on their financial journey. This process starts with a one-on-one consulting session about collecting data from the internal systems to prepare a report stating the areas that must be worked on in the following steps. For example, suppose the GuideSteps are used for debt reduction; then, we focus on formulating a strategic plan to tackle bad debt by allocating resources for paying down debt by building up a cash reserve and emergency savings. GuideSteps helps track retirement goals’ success by providing financial planning tools, webinars, events, financial calculators, ongoing reviews, and reports throughout its steps, enabling individual wealth management. We help employees take control of their financial future in a guided manner. Our trailblazing Spectrum Investor Communication process simplifies investment with a patented color code that educates customers about different investment strategies.

Challenges in the retirement planning space

In the competitive environment, corporations often need help to position their benefits package to engage employees in a tight labor market. Financially stressed employees tend to bring their worries to work, impacting company culture and productivity. We help our clients with a collaborative and personal approach toward benchmarking financial consulting services for the top-tier structure of organizations. We design employee engagement plans with in-depth and comprehensive individualized wealth management services that provide employees control and confidence about their finances. We also provide in-depth retirement consulting services for employees with color-coded material to help them identify, prioritize, and improve their financial condition.

Spectrum Investment Advisors’ expertise in retirement planning space

Leveraging 25 years of experience as an investment advisor with a proficient team, we serve three areas of corporate retirement planning and consulting for employee engagement in an organization. We provide consulting services for planning committees of organizations regarding appropriate retirement plan design, benchmarking financial wellness plans, investment monitoring, investment selection, and documented process investment policy statements.

Spectrum Investment Advisors simplifies investment with a patented color code that educates customers about different investment strategies

As an independent, professional retirement plan consultant and fiduciary, we help employees to become retirement ready. GuideSteps enables informed investment decisions on establishing emergency savings, healthcare savings, debt reduction, education savings, insurance protection, legacy estate planning, workplace retirement plans, and additional investment savings. GuideSteps’ holistic financial wellness program includes various webinars, seminars, and online tools to educate employees about investment strategies by conducting personal or virtual meetings. And our comprehensive individual wealth management service provides financial assistance to individuals and families by consolidating employees’ accounts into a single portfolio that includes complete information about income and investment strategies to manage individual wealth.

Distinctive features highlighting the benefits of Spectrum Investment Advisors

We provide individualized advice and recommendations about financial wellness to employees according to retirement action plan reports prepared by a dedicated team of experts. Our licensed advisors registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission serve as fiduciaries with in-house GuideSteps and use a proprietary fund monitoring scorecard to provide valuable perspective in group and one-on-one meetings for employees, facilitating wise financial choices.