Bryan Comeaux, President, South Central Insurance BrokersBryan Comeaux, President
Established in 2019, South Central Insurance Brokers is a rapidly growing independent brokerage firm with a core base of operations in the south-east United States. The company’s expertise lies in helping businesses provide employee benefits and health insurance, allowing them to stay relevant and competitive in the marketplace by attracting and retaining highly skilled talent. South Central Insurance Brokers ensures that it works with businesses that care about employees and growth to offer the best and most affordable employee benefits solutions to protect their employees’ financial wellbeing.

In an interview with Manage HR, Bryan Comeaux, the President of South Central Insurance Brokers, shares his insights on how the company leverages its expertise and experience to provide employee benefits solutions to clients.

How does South Central Insurance Brokers help clients mitigate their employee benefits challenges?

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations, irrespective of their size, nature, and industry vertical, is the high staff turnover. When many of our clients approached us, they were scrambling with a revolving door of turnover that often put them in a tough spot, impeding their growth trajectory and impacting their operational excellence. In most cases, employees leave a job when they find an employer that can offer better employee benefits. Recent studies indicate that most employees would prefer to take a job that offers more robust benefits, even if the wages are slightly lower.

Most business owners however, find themselves grappling with financial constraints that prevent them from delivering the right employee benefits. That’s precisely where we excel at; we help business owners find a way to make the best employee benefits and insurance solutions more affordable. By delivering affordable and value-added benefits, we help our clients alleviate employee attraction and retention challenges while also empowering them to stay competitive.

Our work has helped a range of customers grow their business, add locations, and hire more staff, which enabled them to increase revenue and invest more in their business. It is always exciting for us to watch and know that we helped to play a small part in it. Furthermore, helping businesses and employees save on costs benefits everyone. For instance, our capability to help them get the right health insurance at an affordable rate opens up the door for various other benefits. Offering more benefit choices for business owners results in higher morale that can lower the turnover and reduce resignations—all of which facilitates their growth in today’s highly competitive business world.

What are some of the factors that differentiate South Central Insurance Brokers?

We truly care about our clients, and we always strive to help them get the most suitable insurance plans that meet their needs at the best possible cost. Here, we think only about leading customers toward success and fostering the value of long term business relationships rather than making business out of it. At South Central Insurance Brokers, it’s all about ease of doing business. We do all of the educating, enrolling, and even help set up payroll if needed. Our clients can call us personally any time for help with invoicing, claims, or questions. As a small and agile organization, we are highly responsive to clients. Typically, we respond to each call, email, text, and voicemail within one business day. Being an advocate for our clients with the insurance carriers, we are well-versed and willing to explain what their insurance does, and, more importantly, what it doesn’t.
  • We truly care about our clients, and we always strive to help them get the most suitable insurance plans that meet their needs at the best possible cost

At South Central Insurance Brokers, we would like to call ourselves students of our industry. As such, we always stay up to date on all certifications and are looking for emerging products and strategies that our clients can use. Our team uses enrolment platforms to streamline the enrolment process. We also help retirees transition from group insurance to Medicare when it is their time.

Could you cite a customer success story?

Our comprehensive customer-first approach, along with our passion to help business owners reduce employee turnover and enhance growth has enabled us to serve many clients over the years. For example, we worked with a client to help them establish a robust employee benefit plan. They were not offering any benefits due to their financial constraints, which resulted in their employees leaving the organization quickly. We came onboard, gained a holistic picture of their organizational structure, needs, and budget, and offered the best solution to help them retain their employees at an affordable price range.

In another instance, we collaborated with a small organization that already had a full insurance plan in place. The cost however, was beyond their budget and they wanted to reduce their insurance expense. Here, our team worked with them and introduced level funding health insurance—which is similar to self-funding for larger groups—allowing the client to reduce their health insurance spending by 30 percent.

Such instances go a long way in giving South Central Insurance Brokers the competitive edge they need in the market, helping us serve as a go-to partner for their employee benefits and insurance requirements. We cater to a diverse range of large corporations, and we pride ourselves on being their trusted partner. Our team has also successfully attracted many customers that have never offered health insurance or employee benefits before. We help them find a way to make it affordable and worthwhile for them and all of their employees. Most of these companies are small to medium sized businesses and they have tight budgets. We are at the forefront in navigating them toward the right path and crafting strategies to lower the cost of benefits and keep it low without sacrificing value.