Ruthie Lee-Esene, Founder and CEO, Sirvist HRC Ruthie Lee-Esene, Founder and CEO
Alarge tide raises all boats.” Though that quote is used in the context of government policies, comparisons can be drawn to strong leaders elevating the entire team.

Leaders manage teams to deliver the output within a given timeframe based on the organization’s overall strategy, typically the long-time plan. Emphasizing streamlined operations, they spent most of their time improving workflows and demanding perfection. While this approach produced results, executives often overlook the benefits of creating environments that inspire workers to be their best and be aware of what work sustains them long term. For individuals and, subsequently, teams to thrive within the organization, leaders need to know their innate abilities and understand their strengths. This is where Ruthie Lee-Esene, Founder and CEO of Sirvist HRC, steps in.

Sirvist HRC is a full-service human resource consultancy that combines talent management expertise with an award-winning, metrics-driven performance management system. Ensuring an individual with the necessary skills aligns with the culture and goals of the organization, Lee-Esene assists clients in strategic acquisition and development where engagement, communication, diversity and inclusion, and retention of qualified talent are prioritized. Lee Esene conducts personal strength inventory (PSI), a performance and behavioral assessment to determine the innate abilities of the leader and the employees. Going beyond “standard personality tests” that put people into boxes, PSI objectively measures seven common interpersonal behaviors and four preferred work-related priorities, helping leaders understand their unique abilities and working environment.

Inclusivity is often considered a synonym for diversity but diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice

Various studies have proven that people have innate abilities since the age of 14. These abilities determine what individuals are good at, work gets the best out of them, what they do naturally without thinking about the activity, whether they like to work in a team, work better under pressure, or are assertive within groups. To help leaders build a culture of relational transparency and trust, Lee-Esene implements Inspyrs and Team Excellence award-winning, proprietary organizational development strategy, which complements the PSI. The unique combination of talent management expertise with a metrics-driven performance assessment called I Choose Success enables Sirvist HRC to cultivate an entrepreneurial workforce based on quantifiable and mutual performance accountability.

“Every leader that works with us is mandated to take the assessment. ‘I Choose Success’ has helped us out a million times. For us to understand you, and where your organization needs to be, everybody needs to understand themselves first,” says Lee-Esene. Training and development programs such as sexual harassment, inclusive work environment, and effective communication conducted by Lee-Esene and her associates align with the functional requirements and culture of the organization. The recruitment process is streamlined by modifying the job description to target candidates with specific capabilities, allowing employers to make informed decisions through recruitment strategies. Sirvist HRC provides talent options specific to the client’s requirements while developing the existing workforce to initiate efficient communication.

What sets Lee-Esene apart from the competition is her resolve to mitigate unconscious bias-holistic. Sirvist HRC/Lee-Esene was commissioned by Rice University, Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, to develop and conduct Mitigating Unconscious Bias while Navigating Diversity and Inclusion; the training is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2023 at Rice University, Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. The training is specifically for human resources professionals and leadership. Humans tend to develop preferences towards a certain group, affecting their interactions with peers in the workplace. Unconscious bias impacts people related decisions such as recruitment, promotion, performance management, and idea generation. We all have unconscious bias. We all have prejudices; now we have to decide what to do with them. Inclusivity is often considered a synonym for diversity, but diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice, adds Lee-Esene. Helping leaders who want to recognize an individuals talent and breaking the barriers of stereotypes and preconceived notions is inclusive leadership. Ruthie wants to be there to walk the talk with that leader.

“Understanding how one works is as necessary as having the required qualifications for a job,” Lee-Esene says while recalling an instance where she helped a sales team improve their workforce. She was called in to engage with an employee who collated information from daily sales reports provided by the field team and shared it with the leader. This process was crucial for the executive to keep tabs on the daily metrics of the organization. Once the reminder e-mail for the reports was sent, the employee would not follow up with the sales representative, as she felt that her job was complete. The leader was left frustrated, and communication with the employee was inefficient.
  • We want to ensure the development is an ongoing process. We emphasize creating an environment where leaders, as well as employees, can resolve and come up with solutions themselves. You can’t go back to the norm

Through the performance and behavior assessment, Lee Esene determined that the employee’s personality was low key and non-demanding, allowing her peers to make their own decisions without persuasion. Addressing the shortcomings, Lee-Esene provided suggestions and established a timeline for the employee to meet the leader’s expectations. Many programs, including communication training, were mandated for the sales team, including the leader, to improve the entire organization. These transformational scenarios and the zeal to foster an environment of transparency and coordination are the reasons clients recommend Sirvist HRC to others.

“ We want to ensure the development of leaders and employees is sustained, continuous and an ongoing process. We are the coaching arm, similar to a professional athlete (all of the great GOATS, like Tiger Woods, Serene Williams, Tom Brady) when they are preparing for a game, they have a long term coach that is aware of the strategy and how to keep them focused and impact the bottom line. We emphasize creating an environment where leaders, as well as employees, can resolve issues and come up with solutions themselves. We are there to help them reach that goal every time. This is our new normal, we can longer talk about pre-pandemic or doing the pandemic,” says Lee-Esene. Focusing on sowing seeds and sustaining development, she is upfront with clients and does not hesitate to bring up tough conversations.

Creating collaborative HR processes, Sirvist HRC helps clients thrive within the framework of diversity and inclusion. The firm’s approach to uncovering behavioral strengths assists leaders in broadening their understanding of recruitment to attract top talent and drive innovative results.