Eberhard Huter, Founder and Principal, Signature ScoutingEberhard Huter, Founder and Principal
The critical competencies of top talents can make or break an organisation, making it vital to recruit the most efficient, integrous, goal-oriented, and charismatic candidates with compassionate leadership styles. Sometimes in-house HR teams lack functional and market knowledge of the different aspects of the industry, making it extremely challenging for them to hire talent with the required human and hard skills while ensuring that the new hires are culturally aligned with the organisation.

Signature Scouting, an executive search and consulting boutique, leads the charge of searching and placing the best executive talent for organisations in the fashion | apparel industry and packaging | industrial printing on a global basis. Its team of experts, with years of experience in these specific markets, provides clients with a blend of in-depth industry knowledge and new talent placement prowess to find the right talents for clients.

"We always value quality over quantity and provide premium talents and services to each of our clients," says Eberhard Huter, founder and principal of Signature Scouting.

Its repertoire of services includes executive search, organisational advancement, leadership coaching, talent coaching, and advising and consulting.

When Signature Scouting onboards a client, its team starts the process by understanding the job description, culture, and strategy, and ensuring a fine grasp of what the organisation is looking for, before determining the best-suited talent for them. It also analyses candidates closely to assess their aptitude and ensure they fit the job role.

The firm adopts an extensive step-by-step process when it comes to the professional execution of mandate agreements and takes in a restricted number of mandates at a time to ensure premium quality in talents and services to each of its clients. From signing the mandate agreement to finalising the employment contract, Signature Scouting’s executive search process takes up to ten weeks. During this time period, its team ensures they maintain a discrete approach in the market.

As the client signs the mandate agreement, Signature Scouting’s team executes a pre-selection of potential candidates to identify those that best-fit the interview criteria. Sometimes there might be only one suitable candidate being presented. They also join the clients and candidates in the interviews, treating these sessions as an opportunity to learn and improve its processes.

In today’s diverse workplaces, with talents from a variety of backgrounds as well as generations, Signature Scouting’s well-crafted leadership consulting services help organisations build skilled and compassionate leadership that can handle diversity, equality, and inclusiveness in the most tactful way and maintain cultural fit across candidates. It helps leaders understand different perspectives and the organisational culture required to effectively manage their teams while considering and valuing the views of all stakeholders involved.

We always value quality over quantity and provide premium talents and services to each of our clients

Signature Scouting pairs up with organisations that are looking to advance themselves in the market. A Hong Kong-based luxury fashion company recently approached it, seeking assistance in identifying ways to improve its organisation and client services. As its team started the process, it visited the store multiple times to observe and listen to the conversation between the customers and sales associates of the store to understand the client’s operations and service quality, and most importantly, their customers’ brand and service perception.

The team analysed the company’s existing strategies as well as its growth goals and presented them with a detailed review of their opportunities for improvement. It crafted short-, mid-, and long-term objectives for the client and defined their target capabilities. In addition, it conducted training programmes for existing talents to achieve the target capabilities and hired new ones to fast-track the changes, and act as change agents.

Built on the objective of delivering the best of talents to its clients, Signature Scouting is the preferred partner that organisations in the industries of fashion | apparel and packaging | industrial printing can count on when it comes to placing the right talents for driving business growth.