Dr. Kristine Medyanik, CEO, Shattered Glass Leadership, Shattered Glass LeadershipDr. Kristine Medyanik, CEO, Shattered Glass Leadership
Shattered Glass Leadership helps businesses augment team building and reduce employee turnover by offering workshops and retreats. The company was founded by Dr. Kristine Medyanik, who has extensive experience in teaching business and psychology classes, and running a small business. She understands that employee disengagement is the primary reason for turnover. Under her guidance and strategic leadership, Shattered Glass Leadership enables businesses to combat escalated employee turnover through leadership development and employee empowerment.

In an interview with Manage HR, Dr. Medyanik, CEO of Shattered Glass Leadership, shares insights into the company’s genesis and value propositions.

Experience Leading to Excellence

I have a doctorate in business, with an industrial and organizational psychology specialization involving culture, motivation, leadership, and change management. My deep understanding and applied practices in those areas allow me to look ahead and predict the workforce scenario beyond ten years.

In the past few years, employee disengagement has significantly escalated across all sectors, leading to a rapid increase in resignation or employee turnover. Take the Great Resignation or the mass exodus, for instance. Employee attrition has negatively impacted the bottom line of numerous organizations.

We believe that better leadership and employee empowerment in an individualized workforce are the two ways to combat this challenge. My workshops are designed to ensure that people have the tools, skills, and training to communicate effectively, employ emotional intelligence, be empathetic, and recognize when they are not communicating effectively.

Spending more than a decade, I have developed content to ensure that your team members and leadership teams have the tools for maximizing relationships and improving communications and therefore organizational culture.

Challenges for Today’s Leaders

I work with SMBs that are committed to professional development but may not have a dedicated team member to develop ongoing trainings for encouraging growth among team members. Despite having a good HR department, they don’t have an expert to bring fresh content to their organization. They are not updated with the latest research and fail to develop new or unique content. Consequently, leaders struggle to be innovative and recalibrate regularly.

We follow a comprehensive documented process that clearly explains a person’s role and reasons for leaving organizations. We, however, recognize that turnovers are normal and people will not stay in an organization for a long time. The goal is to engage them in meaningful jobs and keep them committed to their teams. Our workshop series offers businesses a climate survey mechanism that analyzes employees’ productivity and identifies the turnover risks. Shattered Glass Leadership also prepares an organization for employee turnover and makes them more agile than ever.

Comprehensive Workshops

Shattered Glass Leadership offers a series of workshops on a contract basis. We elevate empathy among the employees, develop a leadership boot camp and run it for four consecutive weeks to hone the skills of a leader. We keep the prices affordable for the smaller organizations that have limited resources. The climate survey mechanism analyzes the teams’ performance and paves the way for positive relationships based on empathy, inspiration, and motivation.

Whenever a client decides to work with us, we engage with the leadership team to find out key issues that they’re having. I do three workshops, and then I conduct a leadership debrief following a survey, which essentially helps us identify turnover rifts. The survey is customized to every single organization. Most importantly, our workshops involve the entire team or department allowing people to learn together and build stronger relationships.
  • My workshops are designed to ensure that people have the tools, skills, and training to communicate effectively, employ emotional intelligence, be empathetic, and recognize when they are not communicating effectively

We have intimate retreats for women interested in growth as leaders. Shattered Glass Leadership offers boutique-style retreats, where we deep dive into leadership theory and application. Like-minded women can come together, share challenges, and find solutions. This special retreat allows space for reflection, rejuvenation, and a specialized approach to leadership for women in formal or informal leadership roles within companies of any size.

A Customer Success Story

I have worked with a couple of small businesses that were dealing with turnover or low engagement due to poor communication and the inability to align employees to a larger organizational vision. The psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been an addition to it.

My extensive trainings at boot camp or retreats have consistently earned appreciation from individual leaders. We offer 12 hours of intensive leadership development designed to offer easier ways to think about that lens-shifting. Shattered Glass Leadership is helping a team come together. I ensure that the leaders can get into the space of managing the employees by effectively communicating the objectives of the organization and individual roles.

Now leaders are setting their own goals. This has resulted in reduced turnover and increased productivity and employee engagement. In addition, my clients now have re-engaged team members they thought would be leaving.

Differentiating Leadership Market

My 15 years of industry experience is the key differentiating factor in the leadership market. I am a new generation leader who introduced a new approach to look through the lens of the workforce scenario beyond 10 or 20 years. I encourage the changes and design my leadership coaching ahead of the next 15 years. I bring lots of stories into my workshops that help businesses apply the content to real situations. We build awareness about turnover and train the leaders by providing leadership toolkits that can be customized.