Indrajit Roy, Head of Client Services & Fiona Sophie Grube, Chief Delivery Officer, SerendiIndrajit Roy, Head of Client Services & Fiona Sophie Grube, Chief Delivery Officer
Serendi, a full-service recruitment and talent management firm, is an industry leader in recruitment solutions. It specializes in providing end-to-end recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), talent sourcing and project recruitment solutions to clients in the EMEA region.

An expert in offering talent pipelines through its 360-degree sourcing strategy, Serendi helps organizations struggling to find the best talents to increase productivity and competitiveness at work.

Serendi’s specialized talent-sourcing consultants use a combination of technology and traditional methods to push-out strategies like posting on job boards, aggregators, targeted digital marketing campaigns and pull-in strategies such as researching and crawling data of potential talent, reaching out and attracting the best talent for each position. Serendi’s talent sourcing strategy overlaps with referral programs, professional and social media campaigns, and talent pools. All these efforts aim to deliver the best talent for each position profile.

“Our goal is to build and deploy comprehensive and sustainable sourcing strategies as part of our tailored solutions for our clients,” says Fiona Sophie Grube, Chief Delivery Officer of Serendi.

Serendi leverages technology in its fast-developing environment to ensure it stays ahead of the competition. With 400 new HR tools per year emerging on the market while 200 drop out per year, technology is evolving quickly. Serendi has dedicated experts who continuously screen the market for new recruitment and sourcing tools, testing them, and implementing them in an agile approach. Serendi leverages technology on different levels, including sourcing and crawling (AI-enhanced, data enrichment), mapping talent markets (TMI) for the best decision-making by hiring stakeholders, supporting the process (e.g., self-scheduling, more animated candidate presentation through video snippets), and giving process insights and transparency (real-time Power BI-based reporting). Moreover, Serendi’s technology fully facilitates virtual end-to-end hiring, making the shift to fully remote models possible.

Serendi’s capabilities are best exemplified in its collaboration with a Swiss pharmaceutical company with many locations across Europe. The client requires three to 150 recruitments in each location every year. They partnered with Serendi for technical recruitment because of its expertise and strong European footprint. It set up a full lifecycle recruitment solution with an onsite team for high-volume locations and an offsite team for locations with lower volumes. Serendi designed and implemented a consistent process that applied to the onsite and satellite locations. The success of the project can be revealed by the simple fact that the average hiring manager satisfaction was 5.3 on a scale of six. Also, the probation pass rate was 96 per cent.

We leverage technology on different levels best candidate experience, best decision-making and best recruitment analytics

Serendi has 11 hubs spread across the European continent, allowing it to deliver exemplary services to customers.

“Companies who are looking for a true European RPO partner – European headquarter and full European footprint - should speak to Serendi first,” states Indrajit Roy, Serendi’s Head of Client Services.

Serendi is an RPO provider with a European DNA that offers consultative end-to-end solutions tailored to the European and EMEA market. Serendi’s integrated approach to talent sourcing, its technology-driven hiring solutions, and its platform solution make it an ideal partner for companies looking for a true European RPO partner. Serendi’s focus on talent and candidate experience, coupled with its policy of no conflict of interest, ensures that it delivers the best talent for each position profile while maintaining transparency and compliance.