On 13th February 2021, a North American winter storm wreaked havoc across the U.S. mainland, especially in Texas and the surrounding regions. As snow, ice, and frigid temperatures continued to batter the state for the next four days, Texans were, in fact, tossed from one dilemma to another, leaving many in grim situations and challenged to meet basic needs. First came the power outages that left millions without electricity and heat in freezing temperatures, completely disrupting their lives. Eventually, when the widespread power outages began to subside, Texans faced severe drinking water scarcity.

As an aftermath of the harsh winter storm and subsequent catastrophes, people's lives and properties were at stake, and businesses were disrupted across a wide range of industries. Several large and small businesses were forced to close their doors, while many others took days to return to normal.

This is precisely where Massachusetts-based RESCON came as a ray of hope, making a world of difference to the companies and individuals that stood helpless, witnessing the situation they were in.

“We gave back what the disaster took,” prides Bill Graham, President, and CEO of RESCON. To put things into perspective, this premier full-service mitigation and disaster repair company helped many Texans—organizations and the general population alike—restore their businesses, homes, and lives with its professional disaster restoration and reconstruction services. In Graham's words, "Much like the mission states, our efforts are always grounded in restoring our clients’ property and peace of mind.”

RESCON deployed its emergency response team comprised of property restoration specialists to neutralize the situation, prevent the spread of damage, and rebuild damaged properties quickly. Regardless of how small or devastating the impact might be, the company stood by those in need, handholding them through the crisis. “No job is too small for us. Whether it's a water leak in an apartment’s basement or multiple units hit by a tornado, we fix them for our clients,” says Graham. “We specialize in the clean-up, repair, restoration, and reconstruction of property damaged by water, biohazard, mold, fire, smoke, natural disasters such as storms, floods, or even a pandemic. And in this case, we certainly put our expertise to good use, ensuring the well-being of our customers.”

Building a Legacy in Restoring and Reconstructing Services

Founded over three decades ago, RESCON has evolved into a leading provider of 24/7 emergency disaster recovery services for residential and commercial clients, including schools, hospitals, universities, apartment complexes, and even more. Since its inception, the company has been solely focusing on helping clients meet their disaster restoration needs by eliminating risks, communicating proactively, and providing necessary services whenever a disaster strikes. To do this, RESCON leverages its state-of-the-art equipment, technical expertise, and certified technicians to tackle any emergency.

We specialize in the clean-up, repair, restoration, and reconstruction of property damaged by water, biohazard, mold, fire, smoke, natural disasters such as storms, floods, or even a pandemic

Irrespective of the disasters’ size, intensity, and scope, RESCON’s highly trained personnel and technicians take care of everything from communication, personalized support, claims processing all the way to restoration and repair. Identifying the significance of accuracy in estimating damages, the company deploys highly trained estimators who can work closely with insurance adjusters and property owners to scope and estimate projects efficiently and accurately.

But when we look at RESCON’s services from a broader perspective, disaster recovery is just one part of the game.

Best-in-Class Post-Pandemic Recovery

In addition to natural and human-made disasters, RESCON has recently extended its footprint to help businesses recover from the impacts of the global pandemic dubbed “Covid-19,” which negatively impacted people and businesses alike. Today, as restaurants, offices, sports complexes, concert halls, and other commercial establishments seek to reopen to get the economy moving again, they find themselves flailing in ambiguity over their responsibility to keep workplaces safe for employees. One approach is embracing advanced disinfecting and sanitizing techniques. “The pandemic has reinforced the importance of professional, preventive disinfecting and sanitizing services as the only resort to restore the commercial activities,” says Graham. It is essential for organizations to thoroughly clean and disinfect their facilities in order to make them safe for operation and prevent community transmission. Considering these growing uncertainties and the resurgence of Covid-19 cases globally, CDC and WHO have developed specific protocols for cleaning and disinfecting properties and facilities to contain the further transmission of the virus.

As a property restoration specialist, RESCON is helping businesses navigate through these challenging situations by designing a powerful and comprehensive suite of Covid-19 Sanitize & Disinfect services that meet these guidelines when implemented. By using the EPA-approved Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution, the company not only eliminates the fear of coronavirus spread but also keeps surfaces safe for humans as it is free of bleach, phosphates, and any harsh chemicals. The company also empowers clients to navigate through the sanitizing process systematically by maintaining constant communication and offering them personalized customer support.

As Graham mentions, “Our expertise in cleaning and disinfection stems from the deep experience we hold in mold remediation, sewage decontamination, and more, which involve a high degree of bacteria. We have already covered more than five million square feet of commercial property, disinfecting everything from a courthouse in Atlanta,schools in multiple markets, to offices in Maine.” In another instance, RESCON helped a bank in New Rochelle, NY—one of the country's first and hardest-hit areas—to reopen their branch for emergency services during the peak of the pandemic. The company’s team promptly responded overnight to clean and disinfect the business and enabled them to resume operations the following day. Additionally, they have also assisted many hospitals in Atlanta and Massachusetts in setting up containment centers to continue serving their patients.
Prepare Today for a Worry-free Tomorrow

“We always believe in a philosophy: the recovery should never be as painful as the loss. As such, we focus on providing a consistent level of service to our customers in a way that is convenient for them—irrespective of their locations,” says Graham. For instance, if a hurricane hits Florida or Georgia, RESCON can mobilize their teams from Dallas and New England to help clients as quickly as possible. As an industry leader committed to serving the needs of each client, the company monitors every situation carefully and delivers best-in-class services efficiently. This way, RESCON is not just looking to help clients with their restoration process but also build healthy partnerships so that it can extend its services to them in the future as well.
  • We always believe in philosophy: the recovery should never be as painful as the loss. As such, we focus on providing a consistent level of service to our customers in a way that is convenient for them—irrespective of their locations

With such a powerful service portfolio and a powerful customer-first approach, RESCON has grown significantly over the last five years, primarily in the East Coast—from Orlando to Boston. Dedicated to better serve its diverse customers—both residential and commercial—the company has embraced advanced communication technologies and acquired several state-of-the-art equipment platforms and tools to enhance its services at scale. This provides RESCON’s highly professional and well-trained experts the capability to respond to large-scale disasters with more than 500 people at any location. The company’s success is also a result of its teams’ dedication toward helping customers any time around the clock every day of the year. More importantly, RESCON’s collaborative work culture allows employees to look out for each other, enabling it to support and take care of clients and the communities it serves. The company has been resilient in the face of the pandemic with an expert team that will always go the extra mile to protect its team members, communities, and customers.

Committed to helping customers get life back to normal as quickly as possible, RESCON constantly adopts advanced technology for improved communication and innovation. The company has also developed an app with a tracking system to track vehicles approaching the disaster location and communicate with customers seamlessly from the first call to the final walk-through. RESCON is planning to further enhance its capabilities by investing more into technologies and tools that allow real-time transfer of information and augment its service delivery at scale. “No matter what disaster, how big is it, and how intense the damage is, we are here to help you and we will never let you down. That’s the promise we strive to deliver,” concludes Graham.