Ty Jernstedt, Chief Empowerment Officer, Remix CoachingTy Jernstedt, Chief Empowerment Officer
These challenging times require organizations and employees to collaborate even more closely together to create a stronger, more impactful employee experience. If you remix the best of what you had, have, and aspire to, it will unlock the potential of the talent, culture, and overall employee experience. It drives stronger engagement and business results in a sustainable way.

According to Ty Jernstedt—a successful leadership development and culture change coach—organizations who are authentically grounded in their values and purpose succeed even in the most challenging times. It also requires amplifying levels of inclusion, trust, emotional intelligence (EQ), and leadership to create a strong foundation for success. That foundation will drive effective and systemic change across the business. And when employees are kept in the centre of their designed initiatives, it will better ensure that they are impactful and create systemic change.

Jernstedt has worked in the U.S., Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Germany, and The Netherlands. He has led leadership development, culture change, I&D, and marketing projects across Asia, Europe, and North America for global organizations. He founded his company, Remix Coaching, based on the growing demand to provide more innovative, integrated, and inclusive strategies and solutions that deliver actionable outcomes.

“Remix elevates the diversity, capabilities, and effectiveness of an organization’s talent and infuses more inclusion, collaboration, trust, and innovation into its culture,” says Jernstedt says. “It unlocks potential and delivers stronger, measurable results in a more efficient way.”

An integrated approach is needed to inspire and lead an evolved employee experience to bring the required change and meet critical business goals. Working in isolation and not solving for the intersections of talent and culture limits success. Remix is proud of its track record creating these integrated solutions for clients.

The work also needs to be done in collaboration with many functions and leadership levels to be successful. It cannot be designed in a bubble or an executive team’s ivory tower. Employees need to be actively involved in the change process, so Remix engages with them throughout the design journey. “It is important that employee experiences are inclusive, inspiring, and impactful,” he says, “So employees must be engaged from the start to achieve these goals.”
After successfully onboarding an organisation, Remix goes deeper with clients to discover more insights to develop an integrated strategy that will amplify their current strengths and remove the barriers to stronger performance. From this strategy, Remix co-designs the needed programs, experiences, and resources with an internal project team. The diverse group, representing different functions and levels of the business, prototypes the concepts.

From the results of the prototypes, any revisions are made before being officially launched into the organization. Jernstedt, who also has 10 years of marketing and communications experience, supports clients to create a compelling communication strategy and materials to inform and inspire employees about the new employee experience initiatives.

“Companies that invest in their employee experience are four times more profitable compared to those who do not,” states Jernstedt. To that end, organisations leverage Remix’s humanistic services to reinvigorate their employees’ morale. For example, Remix collaborated with a global sporting goods company to improve employee engagement strategies and culture. A “Culture Crew,” consisting of employees from different locations and functions, was created to dig deep into engagement survey results. The team identified meaningful insights through focus group sessions and interviews. Then partnering with the leadership team and HR, a year-long strategy to improve the culture was developed.

After confirming the strategy, Remix supported the Crew and HR to activate the plan. By engaging employees in the work, the results were stronger because the initiatives were actually designed by employees, for employees. A side benefit was the leadership development opportunity for the Crew and those who supported their work.

With such an integrated, grounded, and humanistic approach to employee experience, Remix has supported a diverse mix of organizations, from non-profits to global organizations such as in improving aspects of their employee experiences and delivering desired results. Moving forward, Jernstedt is creating additional products and services to enable effortless co-operation among employees. According to Jernstedt, “It will unlock their potential, help them thrive and make them feel that ‘I belong in this workplace!’”