Chris Holcroft, CEO, R121Chris Holcroft, CEO
SAP is the preferred ERP system used by corporations around the world. As a consequence, there is an enormous demand for quality skilled resources in the SAP domain. Knowing who quality is and who is not is an art and a science. Having identified this trend, Chris Holcroft, CEO, incorporated R121 in the year 2000 to provide recruitment and consultancy services in the SAP space.
Headquartered in San Diego, CA, R121 provides employment services such as discovery calls, assessments, staff augmentation, contract, permanent hire, and contract-to-hire. In short, if you need external advice with a quick turnaround and fair price in the SAP space, call R121; they will create connections to the right people. With their dual customer “one to one” approach, they fulfill the needs of their clients as well as the independents they represent. R121’s vibrant and expert team of professionals continuously improves its validation processes to ensure that they remain superior to even their best competitors by creating connections for their clients through straightforward communication. Whether it is a complimentary one hour discovery call, a short onsite assessment, a greenfield project, implementing a new module, a stabilization effort or an upgrade, R121 has an “extended family member” that can make it a success. Chris adds, “SAP is our bread and butter and it is what we have built the foundation of R121 upon.”
Over the last two years R121 has applied its industry leading validation techniques to other IT software and found that the validation process is what organizations and candidates appreciate the most. Successful deployments in Hybris, Oracle, Tableau, Informatica, and Sharepoint
have created additional value for existing clients who were struggling to find consistent quality resources in other IT technologies.

By adhering to its commitment and core values, the company has built a strong and reliable network of IT professionals and is connected with more than 72,000 SAP consultants

The organization takes a comprehensive approach while getting people on board. They not only verify a candidate’s technical skills, but also put emphasis on soft skills such as communication, personality, integrity and flexibility. Candidates are judged based on the company’s core internal values: Respect for co-workers, consistency in deliverables, positive attitude, integrity, accountability and a sound work ethic. Such an uncompromising approach ensures that the company recruits the most talented and best-suited candidates for the job. Chris states, “We are a very busy company, all focused on one clear objective: Giving everyone value from our validation process.”
The company’s focus for the past two decades has been on the SAP domain. By adhering to its commitment and core values, the company has built a strong and reliable network of IT professionals and is connected with more than 72,000 SAP consultants. It maintains constant communication with all its customers, as well as candidates. Meeting clients in person helps develop a much deeper understanding of their culture, workplace, likes and dislikes, and provides a vastly richer insight than a job description could ever convey. They are the only staffing company in North America to receive the ASUG Trusted Certification from the American SAP User Group, the largest community of SAP users in the world.
“It all comes down to building successful relationships by creating professional connections. It is our passion for our customer’s success that drives us to excel at our work every day,” concludes Chris.