JARRED J. SLATER, Partner & Co-Founder, GORDON J. QUAN, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Quan Law GroupJARRED J. SLATER, Partner & Co-Founder, GORDON J. QUAN, Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Immigration requirements of the current day and age are as diverse as the people applying for those services from multiple geographies worldwide. Be it within the construction, retail, supply chain and logistics, education, or even technology and research space, each immigration requirement varies in accordance with occupational needs, preferences of people, and circumstantial necessities. On an individual level, such prerequisites and concerns become impractical for large firms to understand and address more granularly. They are accustomed to catering to enterprise requirements rather than individualistic needs.

These necessities gave birth to Quan Law Group, an organization that aspiresto provide personalized immigration services to individuals and small and mid-sized businesses. “Large law firms are generally focused on big corporate clients like Apple, Google, Microsoft and the like,” begins Gordon Quan, who serves as managingpartner at Quan Law Groupwith more than 45 years of experience practicing U.S. immigration law. “We, on the other hand, take up some of the more individualized and challenging cases, which are strategic, based on the type of the company and the requirements they have.” In many ways, the lack of a customized approach to immigration resembles a factory that only mass-manufactures select few commodities instead of producing customized, tailored products. Specialized cases such as these require a more creative approach to immigration, necessitating personalized services.

We take up some of the more individualized and challenging cases, which are strategic, based on the type of the company and the requirement they have

For example, the company collaborates with people from different occupational areas, involving many individuals, from mid-size engineering firms and high-tech production and service companies tosmaller family-run businesses. Invariably, the preferences of such businesses vary drastically from the largercompanies. A personalized approach to such immigration cases builds a prosperous relationship with clients. It helps the firm devote all its attention to mitigating the discrete needs of the people approaching them. On the other hand, clients engage with Quan Law, just as they would approach a doctor, expecting a resolution that precisely solves their problems.

An Empathic Outlook to Client Engagements

As one of the largest truly full-service immigration law firms in Texas, Quan Law is well-versed in 8 different languages with people from various ethnicities and backgrounds – all bringing their unique competencies to the table. A majority of individuals within this team of over 40 people were immigrants themselves, who have gone through similar processes and understood the intricacies of the proceedings firsthand. As a result, the Quan Law team carries an empathetic mindset while engaging with clients who originate from various regions around the world. “When I walk around our office, I find people who are tenacious in finding a solution to the difficulties faced by our clients, as they have gone through similar immigration challenges in their journey,” explains Jarred Slater, Partner at Quan Law Group. Owing to such diversity and versatility, Quan Law showcases a degree of finesse in overseeing various immigration cases.

With 45 years practicing immigration law, Quandoesnot wish for Quan Law Group tobecome yet another corporate law firm that caters to only larger enterprises. Instead, the Quan LawGroup believes that their smaller footprint allows them to nurture more direct and prosperous relationships with clients. Without a shadow of a doubt, this rapport has been the secret sauce to the company’s success. Likewise, the leaders at the firm emphasize the idea that their team upholds a great deal of flexibility in creating a system that works best for the client, be it from a litigation perspective or in procuring the necessary tools required to orchestrate a proceeding for a client. This approach is in stark contrast to the siloed immigration practices evidenced by quite a few law firms across the nation that struggle to think outside the box; Quan Law’s holistic, full-serviceimmigrationpractice allows the team to provide direct resolutions as opposed to firms that lack such capability, which more often than not, putspeople through multiple hoops even to obtain the simplest of resolutions.
  • Immigration is a creature of politics and feelings showcased by the masses at that time. Being in tune with those emotions and the governing regulations makes a huge difference

A Business-Driven by Word of Mouth

“We are not out there trying to take on the world even though we probably could; but when a client approaches us, we take that very personally and go above and beyond to do everything we can in providing the fastest and the most effective resolution,” prides Quan. This attention to learning every detail about our clients allows the team to be agile and highly responsive to any requirement. The company’s growth, too, is a testament to this personalization; Slaterstates that most of their business comes through word of mouth and referrals from happy clients. Quan Law enjoys quite a few such recurring clients, and as a result, does not advertise its services. Businesses that interacted with the leaders at Quan Law at their previous firms have actively sought to collaborate with them once again for the quality services provided previously.

Interestingly, Quanrelishes taking up clients that have been turned away by other law firms, owing to the complexity of their challenges. In one instance, an individual had left the country to attend a marriage and had supposedly misrepresented when he came back into the country. As a result, the individual had a permanent bar and went through expedited removal from the country; due to this reason, all of the law firms he sought assistance from rejected his case. The team at Quan Law, however, took up the challenge. “We went through the regulations line by line, as far as expedited removal is concerned, and determined that he was under a different section of that law as opposed to the regular five-year bar,” explains Quan. The firm also observed that since the individual’s grandfather had sponsored his father at a young age, this individual was ‘grandfathered in,’ which allows people with unlawful admission to pay a certain penalty and qualify for permanent residency. Such examples demonstrate how, through sheer knowledge and experience, Quan Law takes up challenges that easily overwhelm contemporaries in the immigration law space.

Similarly, the company has successfully helped individuals from different nations who own small businesses, branch out into the U.S. marketplace, open affiliate offices, or in some cases, relocate. Traditionally, these cases were under scrutiny, wherein U.S. immigration authorities requested substantial documentation, which proved difficult for businesses to establish a footprint on American soil seamlessly. On the other hand, Quan Law was able to file immigration applications for the same clients, substantially reducing the necessary documentation for the client to set up shop in the U.S. Such out-of-the-box thinking has empowered the company to realize success for clients that are easily turned away by large corporations, which do not invest the necessary time or resources to mitigate such discrete concerns.

Continually Adapting to Regulatory Changes

Quan Law have witnessed many shifts in regulations, alongside changing administrations at both federal and state levels, and thus, garnered a thorough comprehension of the immigration laws as they mature with time. With each administration, though the immigration laws themselves may not change, the way they are implemented and interpreted does change; therefore, adapting to such changes goes a long way in truly bringing a positive reform in the lives of people. The level of dedication the company upholds in addressing the varied requirements of its clients, leaving no stone unturned in its efforts. “Immigration is a creature of politics and feelings showcased by the masses at that time. Being in tune with those emotions and the governing regulations makes a huge difference,” adds Quan.

Collectively, the company’s knowledge of the law, full-service approach and diligence in solving problems at a granular level, responsiveness to requests, and empathetic communication with clients differentiate the company from contemporaries in the space. The amalgamation of these traits has allowed the leaders at Quan Law to drive positive outcomes for clients consistently, attesting to the firm’s success in recent years.