"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” This statement by world-renowned British statesman, Winston Churchill, a man who was instrumental in ensuring the conclusion of the second world war, emphasises the significance of change in a person’s life. In twelve simple words, Churchill expresses the need and absolute necessity for an evolution within individuals—a kind of transformation that brings forth a better version of themselves, which unwaveringly stands up against the frequent waves of change that their world is constantly subjected to. And today, in a more professional and rapidly advancing technological atmosphere, evolution is just around the corner, where the road leading to this junction of change is an expressway with no exits. Consider the case of an employee that has been working in an organisation for ten, long years. They have found their routine and are comfortably accustomed to the modern workplace. However, if their company was to introduce new management or technologies without any proper intimation of the change, a certain level of disoriention in the employee’s mind is inevitable; their productivity levels and morale can be negatively affected. An organisation may implement new business ideas and digitalisation practices intending to strengthen their bottom line quickly but without an effective change management strategy, the company can face severe setbacks in its employees’ ability to work profitably—due to no fault of their own.

Mário Leite da Silva, Veteran Management Consultant and Founder of PTCG—a holistic consultancy firm—further elaborates on the challenges enterprises ought to pay more attention to, alongside the macroeconomic problems that have emerged over the last two years. “Because of COVID-19 and its effects on various aspects of a business, professionals will have to work very hard to build programmes that support the recovery of companies and their employees,” he says. He also illustrates how flexibility is critical in solidifying any organisation’s success in its respective marketplace.

Through PTCG, Silva and his cohort Rita Rodrigues—Co- Founder of the company—leverage their extensive experience amassed over two decades in strategic planning, change management, and corporate finance to assist businesses comprehensively. The company also understands the unique challenges family-owned firms face and curates customised services and solutions to combat and overcome any obstacles. PTCG’s founders thus far has excelled at supporting players in the telco, financial services, real estate, tourism, retail, agriculture, industry, automobile, services, healthcare, and oil and gas industries.

The Value of Experience

Founded amid a global crisis in 2020, PTCG maintains a clear understanding of the needs of every firm that currently seeks to perform a cut above the rest. Its two founders both worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), for the assurance and transaction services departments.

When clients need to face a more complex transformation or are in a specific transition, we offer interim management services as well, alongside partnerships for legal, tax, and it expertise

Their collective experience as Board of Directors level executives reflects brightly in the duo’s ability to deliver actionable insights to each client, regardless of industry. Moreover, Silva’s position as chairman of a large financial institution and industrial conglomerates plays well into his management skills and knowledge, whereas Rita continues to perform as a non-executive director at NOS, a leading telecommunication company in Portugal. “We have the experience in consultancy, but we also understand what it feels like to work in a company,” expresses Silva.

Considering the effects of the pandemic on businesses all over the world, the economic situation may seem rather dim. However, PTCG’s management is fairly confident that the upcoming opportunities that could allow a company to flourish still exist. “The possibility of using the current state of affairs to grow is strong, but it all depends on how a business plans to scale,” says Rita. The idea is this: too cautious, and the risk of being overtaken presents itself; too aggressive, and a company may face challenges in integrating people and technologies, defining the right culture, and approaching new trends with a lack of action-readiness. PTCG’s corporate finance, strategic planning, and management control services can help business owners—mainly family-run enterprises—navigate around these predicaments while adding immense value throughout their operation. “We feel that the market here in Portugal, and in other European regions, requires a niche consultancy firm that sits down with companies and truly understands their challenges and needs. To fill this gap, PTCG designs tailormade solutions and services, not just generalised templates, to solve each client’s ordeals,” explains Rita.

Effectuating Change, Seamlessly

PTCG’s consultancy services rival the efficiencies of those provided by any of the Big Four companies. Its approach to change is highly holistic, where the independent management boutique develops unique strategies to overcome specific business problems. “When clients need to face a more complex transformation or are in a specific transition, we offer interim management services as well, alongside partnerships for legal, tax, and IT expertise,” says Rita.

When implementing change, PTCG prepares its clients’ transition into their desired future state. Its change management approach consists of planned actions and activities to realise benefits, and time and cost impacts are minimized; all this while developing self-sustaining mechanisms for long-term success. The company strongly believes that change management is vital to making sure preferred outcomes happen and stick with true conversion and solid adoption. PTCG’s change management services promise to bring together all the relevant resources—including people—in a manner that best provides sustainable success.
“Without change management, the risk of failure is substantial when implementing or integrating new business strategies, technologies, and processes among other operations across the business,” states Silva. His ideas stem from the fact that successful ‘change’ involves an organisation’s ability to educate their employees about adopting new ways of thinking, operating, and even behaving to reach company targets and achieve lasting benefits. And without the proper guidance and support, undesirable disruption is imminent. Fortunately for businesses throughout the European region, PTCG’s consultancy services are unparalleled.

Empowering Family-Owned Businesses

“Having inside expertise in areas such as family business management, strategic planning, and corporate finance gives us the right background to help our clients in their specific context. Many of the changes they face revolve around these baselines where family-owned businesses have unique challenges that are very different from others,” explains Silva.
  • This company Started with The trust of Our partners; We cannot let Them down. It is Very important That we continue Delivering services That exceed the Expectations of The market

For instance, firms that have recently undergone a merger and acquisition process require effective change management for their entire organisational structure. In other cases, a strategic reflection is all that is required. PTCG takes the time to get close to each customer and accordingly suggests the best course of action to obtain the desired results through various methods, practices, and technologies. Regardless of what stage of change a firm may be at, the company has the experience to provide genuine, actionable insights in these areas. Both Silva and Rita are incredibly confident that the results will add much value to their clients’ change management processes.

The Road Ahead

Over the next few months, PTCG intends to build and maintain strong, trusting relationships between itself, its clients, and partners throughout the management services ecosystem. “This company started with the trust of our partners; we cannot let them down. It is very important that we continue delivering services that exceed the expectations of the market,” adds Silva. With rapid developments to enter the US markets, PTCG is carefully executing its growth strategies—solely to ensure that each client is not left in the dark at any given time. “Our objective is to grow, yes. But consistently,” expresses a seasoned Silva. The company is also hiring a few experts who carry valuable experience from various industries to truly deliver the most comprehensive management consultancy services in the European marketplace. Moving forward, PTCG expects to make significant, positive differences for its clients and truly showcase the value creation it offers when facing complex business challenges in today’s fast and ever-evolving environment.