Andri Granziol, Managing Partner, Prime21 AGAndri Granziol, Managing Partner
Recruitment firms are evolving their processes to carry out the job of identifying a skilled workforce. One such company is Switzerland based Prime21 AG, which has devised a more direct way to find that perfect candidate for their clients across different sectors. The recruitment specialist has brought a fresh perspective in a dynamic and challenging Switzerland market that lacks sufficient talent. Prime21 AG has developed its database and process to connect job seekers with its clients and has branched out to various verticals like construction and healthcare. “We developed our own candidate database and kept on enhancing every year,” says Andri Granziol, Managing Partner, Prime21 AG. “We added the idea of bringing new solutions more technically and more dynamic into the recruiting market, especially in IT.”

Diverging from the common practice of recruiting when a job requirement is posted online, and candidates are required to upload a CV, Prime21 believes in direct search of the candidate from the market. The researchers at Prime21 get in touch with the talent directly, wherever they are. The approach is helpful in the Swiss markets, which houses less talent. Obviously, the usual talent discovery solutions do not provide fruitful results due to the scenario above. Prime21’s approach hence is a winner. The firm even goes a step ahead to find profiles that are not active in the market and brings them into the recruitment gambit.

The company mainly offers four types of services: best effort solution, exclusive recruiting mandates for specific positions, recruitment as a service solutions as well as temporary and contracting positions.

Best effort solution comes in handy in finding the right candidate who can be awarded a contract. Recruitment process for one job is to help organisations that are in search of a candidate outside of their core domain--for example, a law firm looking to hire a software professional or companies that doesn’t have a HR structure to recruit the “hard to find” profiles on the market. With the last service, recruitment as a service, clients can take the help of Prime21’s industry- and skill-specific recruiters for candidate identification, interview process, and coordination with the line manager. Moreover they give advice for the whole employer-branding and journey in the company. Once a client approaches Prime21 for its recruitment needs, the recruiters get in touch with the client’s team to understand its working process and procedures. The whole idea of the company’s approach and the process is to create trust and understanding with the client. The combination of the focus specialism of the Prime21 team and their database together with the different hire models allows the company to recruit efficiently alongside increasing the possibility of finding the perfect fit for the client’s vacant role.

  • This brings our response rate up to 50 per cent of the candidates that we get in touch with

Prime21 will continue to expand to other verticals apart from construction and healthcare to bring transparency in the entire recruitment process. Focusing on the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Prime21 has been forging good relationships with its clients by offering recruitment as a service and offering its expertise in other HR processes. The company will continue to change the perception about the recruitment market from movers of CVs to reliable and trustworthy, and Prime21 AG is on that path.