Andrew Lubash, Founding Partner and CEO, PrestigePEOAndrew Lubash, Founding Partner and CEO
PrestigePEO provides small-medium sized businesses (SMBs) with human resources (HR) services and support for more than 23 years. They were founded by licensed broker agents to help SMBs simplify HR, employee benefits, compliance, and payroll needs while allowing them to focus time on growing their business.

Following is the conversation that Manage HR had with PrestigePEO’s founding partner and CEO, Andrew Lubash, on how PrestigePEO provides clients the best possible employee benefits, HR services, and technology solutions.

In your interactions with leading companies, what sense do you get of the challenges they face now in the PEO space, and how is PrestigePEO effectively addressing these issues?

The top three challenges we believe SMBs face revolve around managing all aspects needed to run their businesses themselves, a lack of cash flow, and retaining employees. These issues are all too common for our clients and the many others SMBs with whom we interact. We effectively address each of today’s SMB business challenges with our tailored solutions and service offerings.

Trying to operate a business and balance HR tasks can be complex and time-consuming. PrestigePEO manages clients’ HR administration and all the functions that come along with it. This eliminates the need to hire internal HR staff while still influencing the cash flow issue. Additionally, the Fortune 500 employee benefits we make available to our clients and their employees help them retain their staff. With our help, clients can access insurance carriers’ networks at competitive prices and subsequent ancillary benefits that are desirable to their staff. As a PEO, our employee benefits are pooled with other businesses, thereby offering affordable rates for extensive, substantial coverage. Lastly, we offer compliance expertise and risk mitigation guidance to ensure clients remain in compliance with state and federal guidelines, which allows them to avoid costly fines and penalties.

Please shed some light on the solution that you offer on the basis of its methodology, features, and benefits involved?

We offer full-service HR support to our clients. Each client is provided a dedicated team of professionals to support their business, including a Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP), Payroll Specialist, Benefits Specialist, and other key team players. The team provides personalized service distinctive to a specific client’s business. This is an exclusive service model that no other PEO in the industry provides.

Other key offerings within our PrestigePEO portfolio include employee benefits administration, payroll and tax management, retirement plan services, and workers’ compensation management. We become an extension of clients’ organizations or teams, and aid in controlling costs, saving money and reducing the time required to perform HR functions.

Our clients receive regular communication updates from our team that include key information about federal and state legal requirements, tips on how to efficiently operate an office, best ways to incorporate diversity practices within the workplace, details on benefits perks, product pointers, and much more. Our goal in this regular correspondence is to aid in alleviating any HR burdens or cumbersome tasks.

Our motto, as a “Brokers’ PEO,” reflects our ability to partner with brokers and their clients. Brokers’ clients are better positioned to grow their business while we tackle the HR management component by providing competitive employee benefits and services that may often be unattainable. We have expanded our footprint down the Eastern seaboard to Florida. From these strategically located offices, we can serve clients in 48 states.

Please cite a case study on how you have enabled clients to overcome hurdles and attain desired outcomes?

One of our clients, InVid Tech, realized very quickly that they needed help to grow their business. The client specifically sought assistance for their HR management and legal compliance needs. We were able to step in and support them in a very short amount of time, offering them the opportunity to pull back from all the administrative HR tasks.

Additionally, we processed the client’s payroll, relieving them from that often-daunting task. InVid Tech’s President cited the one-on-one, tailored service PrestigePEO provides and the levels of attention and client-centric care we bring as among his favorite aspects of our partnership.

What are the distinct features that give PrestigePEO a competitive edge?

PrestigePEO’s curated and dedicated support sets us apart from the competition. Operating on a strong credo of affording clients a devoted team of specialists, our dedicated teams know their individual businesses and can provide clients with logical solutions that fit their needs.

Additionally, our Benefits Specialists can walk clients and their employees through specific insurance-related questions. In fact, they can help with claims and other employee benefit-related questions, establishing further expertise amongst clients.
  • We offer full-service HR support to our clients. Each client is provided with a dedicated team of professionals to support their business, including a Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP), Payroll Specialist, Benefits Specialist, and other key team players

PrestigePEO also offers a convenient mobile app, a major differentiator in the PEO world. Clients and their employees can download PrestigeGO on their phones and access the details about their dedicated team at any time, 365/24/7. They also can instantly access pay stubs, PTO requests, medical benefit plans, and 401(k) information.

Our Fortune 500-level of employee benefits are second to none. This includes comprehensive coverage from some of the nation’s leading insurance carriers at cost-effective prices for all clients. These carriers often have vast networks and myriad options which keep clients and their families healthy and happy. Most importantly, the transparent pricing and unbundled packages are clear of any convoluted charges or fees. Our clients know what they are getting and how much they are paying for it.

It is also notable that PrestigePEO is among only one percent of PEOs in the U.S. to maintain all three top industry certifications ESAC accreditation, CPEO certification from the IRS, and CI Workers’ Compensation Certification which ensures full financial protection for clients. We are currently ranked 12th in a list of nearly 500 PEOs nationwide, a feat for which we are extremely proud.