Jill Bowyer, COO, Prescient NationalJill Bowyer, COO
Almost 20 years ago, a North Carolina-based Managing General Agency (MGA) incepted with a vision of providing creative workers’ compensation solutions to professionally managed employers. The company had a unique strategy reducing workers’ compensation costs by combining flexible product offerings using various carriers while providing customized loss prevention and proactive claims management programs. The company has propelled from a single state start up MGA to an insurance company with the ability to provide national coverage. With an unmatched service-oriented approach, they sensed market shifts, anticipated legal trends, and proactively prepared for changes in the workers’ compensation landscape. The forward-thinking attitude and culture of innovation eventually powered its evolution into a brand that provides an informed vision for organizations a brand today known as Prescient National.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Prescient National Insurance Company is rated A (Excellent) by AM Best* and serves a diverse clientele across a broad spectrum of businesses, including school systems, healthcare, PEOs, temporary staffing, and non-profits, among others.

Being an end to end workers’ compensation solution provider, Prescient National’s products and services are designed to help employers reduce the frequency and severity of claims, empower workers to get back to their job after an injury, and reduce expenditures with lower than industry claim costs. “We provide workers’ compensation solutions and winning strategies designed to not only meet today’s challenges but also what lies ahead,” says Jill Bowyer, COO, Prescient National.

A One-stop-shop for All Things Worker’s Compensation

According to Jill, the word “prescient” means “foresight,” which perfectly describes the company’s attitude towards its clients, industry, and society at large.

We have the foresight to promptly plan, execute and deliver claims and risk management services that surpass the traditional cookie cutter approach

“Because change is inevitable, we work tirelessly to quickly identify industry and societal trends that will affect our client’s business. We then collaborate with our clients and staff to create solutions that ensure a safe work place, and reduce claims cost ultimately lowering client’s premium and positioning them for success,” she edifies.

The health risks of U.S. citizens have been getting progressively high for decades making workers’ compensation claims more complicated than they ever were. To tackle the increased risk factors effectively, Prescient National employs a staff specifically trained to handle the complications that co-morbidities create and their forward thinking risk managers help employers hire employees that are fit for duty. Additionally, group health care coverage has evolved into catastrophic coverage with high deductibles.This has caused a cost shift to the workers’ compensation industry, the company combats this shift by focusing on in-depth compensability investigations.

For a clear idea of the company’s prescience, we can even turn to their proactive and aggressive response to the opioid crisis. Working with their Pharmacy Vendor, Prescient National developed unique programs targeting opioid abuse and ensured that injured workers were not needlessly prescribed opioids. As a result, the population of injured workers receiving benefits from Prescient taking opioids was practically nonexistent while everyone else was trying to figure out how to solve the problem.

While agility is one of Prescient National’s core competencies, their overall approach to client servicing is what truly sets them apart.

“We diligently listen to the employer’s story what their aspirations and beliefs are and what their risk appetite is,” Jill says. “Understanding their story helps us to, create solutions that will yield them greater benefits.”

Prescient National’s diverse array of workers’ compensation insurance products covers guaranteed cost, small to large deductible, and retrospective policies along with excess insurance and captive plans which can be customized based on the employers’ requirements. “With the right approach, we can create a program in sync with an employer’s financial and risk profile while helping them save money in the long run,” says Jill.

What makes Prescient National exceptional is its ability to take a pro-employer approach. The company understands that employers can control costs significantly by taking a holistic approach to mitigating risk. And this can be achieved through superior hiring practices, consistent post-accident programs, and positive involvement with an injured worker. “We have the foresight to promptly plan, execute and deliver risk management services that surpass the traditional cookie-cutter approach,” asserts Jill. “We have learned that while controlling physical hazards is important, the real driver of claims today is about whether the employee is physically able to perform the job in a safe manner.

Therefore, we help HR Managers to hire accordingly through consultation and assistance with implementing key programs that we know work to help keep employees safe such as post-offer medical questionnaires, fit for duty programs, a drug free work place, and background screenings.”

To determine areas that need improvement for mitigating future loss and enhancing claims outcomes Prescient National utilizes data-driven analysis, including points from the adjuster’s investigation. The company’s team of experienced claims representatives first takes a holistic view of each claim and analyzes the accident, injury, and outside factors that could affect the outcome. Diving deep into these factors helps them determine the compensability of the claim and create a plan of action that is unique to an injured worker. This ensures appropriate treatment and a swift return to the job. Prescient National also delivers meaningful coaching to employers about engaging with injured employees and helps them implement creative ‘early return to work’ programs that keep the injured worker active, morale high while benefiting the employer with continued production. This same data is used to forecast issues that could arise in the future. Prescient National’s team of Risk Managers use the real time data to collaborate with the employer to implement or improve pre-employment and post-accident programs based on their specific challenges. “We not only offer coverage to policyholders, but we also consult with employers and help them implement the most meaningful programs for their organization that ensure the prevention of injuries,” says Jill.

This strong focus on hiring practices, proactive claims handling, cost containment, and customer satisfaction ultimately drives down workers’ compensation premiums for the employer. In fact, Prescient National’s winning strategies in loss reduction breed results that surpass the industry average. “Our claims cost 38 percent lower on average compared to the competition. We achieve this through several fundamental programs and strategies,” prides Jill.

A True-blue Solution Provider

To exemplify the value proposition of Prescient National, Jill shares an instance where the company worked with an employer whose losses were out of control and they had no idea how to address it. This particular client had purchased guaranteed cost insurance the price of which increased significantly with time. Needless to say, the product burnt a hole in the company’s finances.

Prescient National put together a customized holistic program that lowered the frequency and severity of their losses and provided cost effective claims handling. As a result, the client gained confidence to purchase a deductible policy reducing their year over year workers’ compensation cost. They continued to increase their deductible, further reducing their program cost while assuredly taking on additional risk and having the privilege of customizing their workers’ compensation programs to meet their changing requirements.

In another instance, Prescient National came across a client’s employee who fell at the job site, leading to a brain injury. After analyzing the situation, Prescient National’s team proposed to send the employee to a world-renowned hospital for treatment. Given that the hospital was several hours away, the employee’s wife a non-English speaker was justifiably nervous. However, Prescient National knew that it was his best hope. “We brought together several people, including a translator, doctors, and stakeholders from the employer to make his wife comfortable and manage the situation for the benefit of the employee,” Jill recalls.

While the early intervention helped minimize the effects of the brain injury, the patient’s career after recovery was still a concern. Due to safety reasons, the employer was unsure of bringing him back to work. However, Prescient National’s risk manager and the agent were able to work with the employer and find a job more suitable for the employee. “Today, that gentleman is fully-recovered and productive, leading a normal life like any one of us. We are happy that we could collaborate with all parties, provide the best treatment available and help the injured worker get back to a normal life,” says Jill.

A Purview into the Future

Scripting many such success stories, Prescient National’s journey so far was focused on fostering business growth for clients. In parallel, the company’s organic growth is a result of the dedication and passion of its skilled team and their unrivaled customer service. The team is evidently driven by creativity, deep thought, and utmost dedication in all partnerships.

Looking ahead, Prescient National is focused on a controlled growth strategy to remain the experts in the nuances of workers’ compensation statutes in every state and then deliver the best outcomes to injured workers and their employers. The company seeks out opportunities to help employers create unique workers’ compensation programs that fit their risk appetite. Prescient National is always eager to talk with employers who want to implement policies to help their employees stay safe and reduce their workers’ comp spend through effective hiring processes that take into account fitness for duty, background screening, and drug testing, among others.

“As we expand, we are consistently improving our capabilities to identify the trends to ensure a safer workplace with lower claims rate and lower premium for clients,” concludes Jill.