Jennifer Williamson, Principal, Peak AssociatesJennifer Williamson, Principal; Andrea Tineo; Erin Westall; Brian Smith; Virginia Velss
The Canadian job market is fiercely hot, with companies trying to recruit and retain top candidates as fast as possible. Add a limited pool of eligible candidates to the mix, and organizations are confronted with a mountain of recruiting challenges.

With more than three decades of experience in this market, Peak Associates is among the few players that can help clients overcome these challenges and offer them a boutique-style recruitment experience. It builds and maintains an extensive network of high-quality candidates that it swiftly delivers to its clients as needed. Peak covers placements from the junior-most levels to the top of the hierarchical ladder across departments, including administration, operations, and finance.

“We provide expertly identified talent with speed and efficiency when a client faces tight deadlines and heavy volume,” says Jennifer Williamson, Principal of Peak Associates.

While staffing worldwide has taken a severe hit post-COVID-19, Peak Associates strong applicant network allows it to circumvent the obstacles and assist organizations that need to fill vacancies.

Its ever-growing candidate network is attributed to its special attention to headhunting and recruiting. Candidates are sourced through direct recruitment by identifying and building relationships with market-ready talent who possess skillsets relevant to the open position.

“If the candidate is going into a position they’re excited about, they tend to be more successful,” says Williamson.

Peak Associates takes an essential step toward finding the ideal candidate by understanding the client’s requirements and their organization’s culture. To minimize unfavorable instances and ensure only the best of the best are placed, candidates are pre-screened and interviewed in depth, giving Peak Associates a better understanding of their capabilities and personal goals while shortening the hiring process for clients.

Many of Peak Associates’ clientele have worked with the company for years. The organization has witnessed its partners grow from startups to well-established businesses across different industries—a testament to their approach and effectiveness.

Laura Brockwell Davis, CMP, Director of Administration at Fieldgate Developments, says, “Peak Associates are not only my partner for hiring solutions, they feel like my colleagues. Having worked with Peak Associates for over 12 years, our long-term partnership has enabled me to hire quickly and efficiently with great accuracy. I rely on Peak Associates heavily for all of my hiring needs and I am grateful for the boutique-style experience that I have when working with them.

We provide expertly identified talent with speed and efficiency when a client is faced with tight deadlines and heavy volume

Everyone on their team is willing to help and is familiar with exactly what Fieldgate Developments needs. I am grateful for their constant support that enables me to focus on the rest of my busy job, knowing that they will find me the right person for every role.”

Peak Associates’ contingent-based payment structure greatly contributes to its mutually beneficial partnerships. Ultimately, clients only pay for successfully inducted candidates, mitigating any financial risk. These strong partnerships are also made possible due to an expert team of recruitment professionals and search consultants, each bringing their goldmine of knowledge along with years of experience to the table. Active communication is essential for coordinating team activities and work processes, an easy feat for the staff, which doubles as account managers and talent hunters.

The reason for Peak Associates’ long-standing reputation in the recruitment industry is evident when observing its dedication, passion, and continuous success. Organizations can confidently look to its low-risk and high-reward services for their recruitment needs.