Patrice Brunet, President and Founder , Patrice brunet avocatsPatrice Brunet, President and Founder
Canadians are always known for their hospitality and “open-door” approach toward talent. Immigrating to this land of opportunities, however, is not devoid of legal challenges. Though Canada has over 30 types of work permits, they all have their own specifics, deadlines, and requirements, making them hard to navigate for immigrants.

Business immigration legal specialist, patrice.brunet.avocats., tackles this ecosystem with a proven track record of successful immigration and an eye for the incredible. The company is led by its founder Patrice Brunet, who has been practicing in the Canadian immigration space for over 30 years. His expertise and experience in the legal domain have been the fuel for patrice.brunet.avocats. to excel in business immigration and sports laws and garner a broad clientele well-served by its team of talented young lawyers.

In an interview with Manage HR magazine, Patrice Brunet, lawyer, president, and founder of patrice.brunet.avocats., shares his thoughts on the value his firm provides in the business immigration space.

How would you define your work in the business immigration law space?

Our strength is our ability to develop a strategic direction for each business client, helping them tackle the legal complexities in the business immigration space. Once they have identified a potential talent that they need to bring into Canada or send to the U.S., we develop a strategy that best meets their needs and expectations. Then, by evaluating the risks based on their specific situation, we work within our clients’ pre-defined framework of a reasonable budget to provide a service that always delivers. We’re not magicians, but we’re experts in the immigration system.

At patrice.brunet.avocats., we also specialize in delivering immigration services related to family reunification, citizenship, and permanent residence status, besides our business immigration services. We always strive to frequently communicate with our clients on a human level and pride ourselves on our ability to pin down their expectations for results.

What are some of the most common challenges facing your clients?

The business immigration landscape in Canada has evolved over the past 30 years, and the pandemic has accelerated this transition in the past two to three years. To help clients navigate this time of change, we worked with them closely, advising them on the constantly-changing Canadian and Quebec immigration laws.

For instance, a typical work permit application involves government interventions at multiple levels. As a professional legal firm, we excel at understandingall those levels of government and, on occasion,inviting the assistance of members of Parliament in order for the application to proceed efficiently. As a result, we are agile and creative in our ability to find the right solution for our clients, providing them with the advice they need in real-time. In addition, clients can have a reasonable level of expectation in terms of delay and outcomes, and we are able to provide them with a variety of options to meet those parameters. All our professionals are bilingual in French and English, making us highly efficient no matter what language a client speaks.
  • Our strength is our ability to develop a strategic direction for each of our business clients, helping them tackle the legal complexities in the business immigration space

Could you walk us through a case study of one of your clients?

We represent clients in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, service, energy, and pharmaceutical. Most recently, we worked with a professional who had been living in Canada for over 15 years. He did not fit any of the selection criteria to acquire permanent residence in the country. We looked at the legislation and identified an exception that gives the Minister discretion to provide permanent residence to those benefiting Canada, even if they fail to meet any of the programs’ criteria. We then sent a comprehensive argumentation directly to the minister, and after a few follow-ups, we received a positive decision on the case. The person now has a brand new life in Canada and is on track to eventually become a citizen.

How important is maintaining client relationships for your firm?

As a businessman, I understand exactly our client’s business challenges. If they’ve identified a prospective foreign employee that requires a work permit quickly, I immediately understand their urgency. I have been in their shoes for a long time, I still am, and I know how a business runs. Because of this experience, we are not just a firm that fills out forms. We work very hard to position ourselves as strategic partners with our clients in their growth. Some of our clients have grown businesses from a few million to tens of millions of dollars, and we have accompanied those clients in their growth, enabling key employees to sit at their desks as quickly as possible. Consequently, when we’re building an application and the client sends me financial documents and business plans, I can read through that content and ensure that they are right on target because I speak the business language as they do.