Juan Araujo, Practice Director, Paladino HCMJuan Araujo, Practice Director
Technical expertise and business acumen are the key ingredients of a successful consulting firm. While technical knowledge enables the seamless execution of solutions, business proficiency unlocks the optimal utilization of these solutions within the organizational context. Combining these ingredients in a potent mix of excellence is Paladino HCM.

Paladino comprehends the functional side of business problems to develop cutting-edge technological solutions involving innovative HR programs, products, and services that aid organizations in developing successful human talent processes. It operates at the intersection of human resources and technology, possessing a deep understanding of HR challenges from a business perspective and the ability to execute solutions from a technical standpoint. With Paladino streamlining the daily operations, clients are able to achieve strategic objectives through new, efficient, and practical practices.

As its Spanish name suggests, Paladino takes a clear and straightforward approach with clients, which sets it apart from competitors. Its simple, uncomplicated approach to designing and implementing HR processes is revolutionizing the human talent consulting space. Organizations are revamping, enhancing, and transforming human capital management practices with Paladino’s expert guidance and support. Its solutions are innovative and customized to each client’s needs, turning their human capital management area into a key strategic partner.

“We recognize that HR officers prefer to avoid technical jargon and focus on how solutions can enhance the speed and cost-effectiveness of the hiring process. To this end, our consultants undergo rigorous training that combines HR and technology expertise, enabling them to understand the core problems and devise technical solutions to address them,” states Juan Araujo, practice director of Paladino HCM.

Paladino focuses on establishing authentic relationships with clients. Its unique approach to consulting is characterized by simplicity and tenacity, which is encapsulated in its proprietary method, The Paladino Way. In contrast to a one-size-fits-all approach, this method employs active listening to client concerns and aspirations without preconceived notions, templates, or assumptions to create a tailored solution that best addresses their unique situation.

It starts by listening intently to their pain points and needs, which can be as specific as applicants leaving during their job applications. Paladino thoroughly analyzes the application experience by applying and having others apply to the process, documenting their findings, and pairing them with potential technical solutions. Additionally, it tracks the solution’s effectiveness to ensure client satisfaction.

Our consultants undergo rigorous training that combines HR and technology expertise, enabling them to understand HR problems and devise technical solutions to address them

Small and medium-sized organizations can easily grasp the functional aspects of the challenge at hand, achieving seamless HCM operations. They are guided through the process and can draw upon Paladino’s functional and technical expertise in HCM consulting. Once the solutions are implemented, clients become self-sufficient. This translates into longer-lasting and more fruitful client relationships.

One of Paladino’s success stories involves a healthcare innovation company that experienced rapid growth during the pandemic, expanding from 500 to 6,000 employees. They had to develop a workforce management strategy to accommodate their dynamic growth, requiring a flexible and robust model. Paladino’s approach eschewed strict policies or guidelines, opting for a creative method that used their existing platforms and customized them to achieve the desired outcome.

Similar success stories are attributed to Paladino’s expert team. The team members have a strong sense of ownership and belonging, as the company values their opinions and fosters an inclusive work environment. Paladino prioritizes employee well-being and believes it should be a key driver in strategic decisionmaking for all organizations. It continues to make strides in the HR space through authentic relationships and efficient practices with remarkable functional and technical capabilities.