Anthony Brown, CEO, OrthoIllinoisAnthony Brown, CEO
OrthoIllinois, a division of OrthoMidwest, is a leading musculoskeletal group in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago dedicated to providing patients with the highest standard of care to help them return to an active, pain-free life. With a team of knowledgeable orthopedic subspecialists and a dedicated business development team, it has established itself as a prominent player in the employer health clinic space.

Committed to providing timely and accurate diagnosis and conservative treatment plans for patients, OrthoIllinois addresses the key issues employers encounter today while ensuring a seamless patient experience.

“Apart from struggling with receiving timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment plans for their employees, employers are also burdened with the growing cost of healthcare,” says Anthony Brown, CEO of OrthoIllinois.

In response, OrthoIllinois has recently launched a program called OrthoComplete, a bundle program designed to provide employees with high-quality care at the lowest cost possible, maintaining transparency throughout the way. This program includes the most common outpatient surgical procedures employees are likely to require, such as carpal tunnel release, hip and knee replacement, and shoulder repair. By directly contracting with self-funded employers, OrthoIllinois provides stellar outcomes in a way that saves them significant money.

To ensure optimal results, OrthoIllinois leverages a deep bench of highly trained and specialized physicians who are experts in their respective fields. With three walk-in Injury Express locations with extended hours, patients and employers can have same-day access to diagnosis, treatment plans, or surgical intervention, if needed. This approach is highly efficient and cost-effective compared to visiting an emergency department or non-musculoskeletal urgent care, saving both employers and employees time and money. Last year alone, over 90 percent of all employees who received work conditioning services from OrthoIllinois specialists returned to work in less than 16 sessions.

OrthoIllinois’ business model for care delivery is founded on a one-stop, multi-specialty philosophy. As such, it is equipped with a robust workers’ compensation department with a dedicated team of individuals who work directly with employers and their case managers to diagnose and treat workplace injuries. In addition, OrthoComplete offers one-on-one assistance with a concierge navigator who walks clients through every step of the process, eliminating the uncertainty that patients often feel and answering any questions that may arise. This service highlights one of the firm’s key strengths; its commitment to timely and thorough communication with employers and employees alike.

These methods help over 40,000 patients and employers each year. The results are evidenced by success stories and measured by direct feedback. One example of OrthoIllinois’ strategy in action involves a large municipality client with more than 1,000 employees. The client struggled with exorbitant musculoskeletal spend and approached the team to continue providing the highest level of care while reducing costs wherever possible. OrthoIllinois proceeded to enroll them in its OrthoComplete program, which included education on the services provided and zero co-pay, zero deductible benefits.

Apart from struggling with receiving timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment plans for their employees, employers are also burdened with the growing cost of healthcare

“We were able to deliver higher quality care than other physician groups and saved them over $350,000 in a year,” says Brown.

Backed by a team of board-certified physicians eager to serve their communities through the continuous advancement of healthcare, OrthoIllinois leads the industry in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal injuries in a quick and affordable manner for employers. Adding more facilities and physicians to its team, OrthoIllinois confidently embodies its core values of trust and innovation while continuing to provide exceptional care to patients who need it most.