Adam Delgado, CEO and Principal Consultant, North Technology PeopleAdam Delgado, CEO and Principal Consultant
In the wake of the pandemic, the world is experiencing rapid technological advancements. For tech companies to stay ahead of the curve, acquiring the right talent has become more critical than ever before. However, the rising demand for tech skills coupled with a global talent shortage has made it challenging for companies to recruit in-house. As a result, they are seeking innovative recruitment partners to help them meet their talent requirements.

Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, attracting and retaining top tech talent is a primary concern for global founders and business leaders. The critical question is how organizations can attract the right blend of technical skills and culture to align with their growing businesses. To address this challenge, a well-planned recruitment and talent acquisition strategy is crucial.

North Technology People, a specialist boutique recruitment consultancy, has positioned itself as a leader and innovator in technology recruitment for Canadian clients. The company has developed a progressive, community-driven approach to recruitment and talent acquisition, allowing it to connect with some of the most highly regarded AI, ML, Data, Software, Mobile, and Product talent in Canada.

As per the statement of Adam Delgado, North Technology People’s CEO and Principal Consultant, the company’s recruitment and talent acquisition strategy is based on their fundamental principles of “business karma.” The company is committed to enriching the Canadian tech ecosystem by nurturing a network of technology experts who are passionate about exchanging ideas and knowledge, as evidenced by their free tech events.

North Technology People is a strategic, networks-focused, and community-driven firm at its core. They act as brand ambassadors for their clients and an extension of their internal recruitment teams. As part of their recruitment process, the company emphasizes the importance of asking the right questions and taking a proper, qualified job brief. By doing so, they gain a deep understanding of the client’s opportunity, which enables them to excite potential candidates about joining the organization.

We build teams and communities in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data, Software, Mobile, and Product

To complement their service excellence, North Technology People leverages a mixture of software, systems, and strategies instrumental in facilitating recruitment services across various areas such as AI, ML, Data, Software, Mobile, and Product in the Canadian technology market.

What sets North Technology People apart from the competition is their extensive passive network and innovative approach to meeting people. The team draws on Adam’s 15 years of tech agency recruitment experience in APAC, Asia, UK, and North America to pioneer a fresh approach to technology recruitment across Canada and truly embody the business philosophy that “your net worth is your network.”