Nicole Porter, Owner and Stress & Wellness Educator, Nicole Porter WellnessNicole Porter, Owner and Stress & Wellness Educator
Nicole Porter Wellness was born of the pursuit of health and wellness.

A dancer since she was four and a fitness enthusiast since she was sixteen, Nicole Porter learned to leverage healthy habits and natural nutrition early on to overcome her own health challenges, particularly chronic migraines.

Thirty-plus years of studying health and stress, and the passion to help people live healthier lives, inspired Porter to start her wellness firm. She created The Hidden Stress Framework™, a simple but comprehensive wellness path designed to help busy professionals address 10 Hidden Stressors that can secretly sabotage their physical and mental health.

Nicole Porter Wellness enables working professionals to leverage the framework to reduce stress and get closer to their health and wellness goals. Whether it is a workplace wellness program sponsored by an employer, a group coaching program with colleagues, or self-enrollment, Nicole Porter Wellness helps people sustain healthy habits despite having busy schedules. The programs include Stress and Wellness Seminars, The Wellness Advantage Group Challenge, and The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge, all focused on helping working professionals mitigate stress-related health challenges.

“Our programs empower busy professionals with the knowledge they need to manage Hidden Stress, change habits, get results, and live the productive and inspired lives they deserve,” says Porter.
Professionals face a variety of stress-related issues. These can include anxiety, weight gain, low energy, sleep challenges, skin conditions, sugar cravings, digestive issues or more serious imbalances. These issues can be caused or exacerbated by the unhealthy habits addressed in the framework.

Most people repeat at least seven of the ten habits. These habits add Hidden Stress to the body and brain, and since they’re repeated daily, the stress becomes chronic. But as per The Hidden Stress Framework™, it is not necessary to master all ten habits in order to see improvements. This is one of the reasons why clients of Nicole Porter Wellness say their results have been transformational. The programs are realistic, evidence-based, backed by science, and focus on providing the tools necessary to ensure long-term results.

Our programs empower busy professionals with the knowledge they need to manage Hidden Stress, change habits, get results, and live the productive and inspired lives they deserve

Nutritional stress is one of the most important stressors addressed in the programs. People may understand how diet can impact their physical health, but they often overlook the role it plays in mental health, mood, anxiety, and other challenges such as sleep and stress management. Poor breathing is also included in the program. Although this unhealthy habit is a natural reaction to stress, it can also result from postural issues that may be caused by imbalanced exercise programs, which is a fitness-related stressor addressed in the programs. Whether it’s poor nutrition, poor breathing, imbalanced exercise programs, or any of the other seven habits, the goal of the framework is to reduce the cumulative effect of Hidden Stress on the body and brain, and gain the internal balance required for optimal physical and mental health.

More than anything, an ability to simplify complicated health information has contributed to Porter’s success. With education as its core value, Nicole Porter Wellness aims to make complex health concepts less intimidating, an approach that empowers clients to make informed decisions, reduce stress, and get results.

A workforce that is healthy inside-out is now an achievable goal for every organization. Backed by solid research and life experiences, Nicole Porter Wellness continues to succeed in guiding people to healthier lives.