The challenges of attracting top tech talent to an industry with traditional roots.

FREMONT, CA: Organisations across the globe have realised that to stand out from the competition in the somewhat traditional insurance industry and recruit professionals, they must cultivate a culture that truly values diversity.

Perception is crucial, and if people view a sector as traditional or old-fashioned, it may seriously impair an organisation's ability to recruit top personnel. There is an enormous need for people with the necessary qualifications and experience. Additionally, the financial services industry is undergoing rapid digital change. Due to the intense competition in the market, having the correct culture is essential.

The continuous challenge, a readiness to step beyond the comfort zone, and sincere support at every level of an organisation are requirements. It also entails giving everyone a voice. For instance, at Brit, they have given every employee a voice and responsibility to create an inclusive workplace. This includes encouraging effective Employee Network Groups on various subjects, including race, workplaces with many generations, sexual orientation, disability, and gender.

Anyone joining Brit, from any background, will be confident that they can thrive as their true self by fostering a culture where they are not afraid to have challenging talks and ingraining this as a basic part of their culture.

Businesses should actively display their ideals by modifying their workplace and internal rules. For instance, at Brit, they have improved rules around shared parental leave, expanded awareness of issues relating to menopause and fertility, and modified how public holidays to reflect the multi-cultural and multi-religious community in which people live. They are dedicated to learning, reflecting, and assessing their strategy while being honest with themselves and their workers because, like any firm, they know there is more that they can do.