Data-driven rules engine continues to help customers with digital transformation and compliance automation. 

FREMONT, CA: "Through the acquisition of Pearl Global Tech, we continue to execute our strategy of helping customers with digital transformation and compliance automation through our data-driven rules engine. This approach to Global Talent Mobility has produced rapid growth for Topia and more value for our customers. Acquiring Monaeo, now known as Topia Compass, enabled us to automate tax compliance for business travel and remote work. Pearl Global Tech lets us automate immigration risk assessments before employees leave home. Combined, these solutions minimize the risks of travel and remote work from anywhere in the world. And by offering end to end mobility delivery in a single technology platform, we can help companies gain efficiency and significantly reduce the high cost of external service providers." says Shawn Farshchi, Chief Executive Officer at Topia.

One of the top independent immigration risk engines and knowledge repositories, Pearl Global Tech, is acquired by Topia, the industry leader in global talent mobility. With the acquisition of Pearl Global Tech, Topia now makes it easier to comply with the top two mobility risks, tax, and immigration, allowing businesses to adopt distributed work and remote work policies without relying on pricey, labor-intensive service providers. The solutions from Pearl Global Tech do immigration risk evaluations in seconds, guaranteeing that remote workers and travelers have the right visas to work where they are going.

As a result of COVID-19 and the normalization of remote work, employers now face a greater number of mobility concerns. 94 percent of employees say they should be free to work from anywhere as long as they get their work done, as per Topia's most recent Adapt poll. However, just one-third of workers claim to disclose all days spent working outside their native country. Unsurprisingly, 40 percent of HR experts claim to have found employees working from another state or nation.