Companies need to be responsible for helping their employees and customers feel safe and secure while doing business. A company that moves with the evolving trends will be highly-regarded and remain relevant 

Fremont, CA: As businesses grow, the risks that humans and technology can place on a productive workforce arise significantly. There should be changes involved in an organization to ensure that employees and people using their products and services have complete confidence in them.


Cybersecurity threats are prevalent, and hackers are finding new ways to steal confidential information. Protecting consumers’ information is a priority now; therefore, it is highly inevitable to provide meticulous training to employees on common threats and how to avoid them. Hackers use a common tactic, which includes sending phishing emails that look like authentic correspondence but instead include a link or attachment that creates a doorway for hackers to access the system if it is opened.

Employees should be aware of signs of such scams, which include but are not limited to:

• Email addresses that look real but are off by a letter or two.

• Emails with many spelling errors.

• Any attachment or link that they were not expecting.

• Emails with a sense of urgency.

Employees should lock their computers whenever they leave the area, and systems should have strong password combinations. Company websites should be protected with antivirus software and updated firewalls to prevent any breaches.

Safety Precautions

As per the statistics from the National Safety Council, every seven seconds, a worker is injured on the job. These injuries include everything from being struck by equipment and back injuries due to repetitive lifting. To address these incidents, it is vital to create and promote a culture of safety around the office where every worker feels comfortable when walking into work.

Signage about common threats should be added, have an open-door policy for employees with concerns, and hold safety meetings where everyone is encouraged to keep an eye out for each other. Follow proper workers’ compensation procedures if someone is injured so workers can get the care they need and know that the company has their back. This will also help the organization to reap amazing benefits as there is nothing desirable than a happy and contented employee.

Every business should have standard safety precautions in effect, like regular safety inspections and testing equipment. Implement programs that promote employee health and wellness with a gym membership and required breaks during all shifts.

Workplace Violence

Added security is essential, whether it is guards or metal detectors, which alerts staff if someone brings a weapon into the office and also helps prevent theft.

Establishing a zero-tolerance policy that is communicated directly to all employees verbally and with signage should be enforced. A security camera also helps capture incidents and hold the responsible parties accountable.

Have a response plan in writing on how to document the events properly and what victims need to do for medical attention, should anything happen. If an accident does occur, the management should have a meeting with all staff members to make them understand what happened and how it can be prevented in the future.

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