Fremont, CA: modern day dynamics of fast paced organizational growths calls for rapid changes in the management and executive sector. Organizations willing to adapt to the changes in their mode of operation and management are usually at the receiving end of systematic growth and progress. Changes can be brought about by disturbing the working atmosphere of the employees or by incorporating them smoothly into the inevitable process of structural and management reorganizations.

Some of the major change management strategies that can be employed in the organization are as follows

Transparency in planning and operation

Changes must be brought about in the organization and among the employees through careful planning and assessment of the possible outcomes. Documentation of the changes that are to be brought about at the firm must be drafted and outlined with the potential risks associated and its counter measures. Major changes within the organizations need to be implemented by ensuring the proper support of the employees and it can be done only thorough a transparent acquisition into the changes. Employees must be notified at least of the major issues related to the changes to make them feel more comfortable and accountable in the organization.

Efficient communication

Effective communication between the employees and the management must be ensured to address the grievances of the employees on the changes that are to be brought about. Regular meetings and inductions should be carried out to solve their issues in a neutral atmosphere within the organization premises.  Honest reviews and reports on the changes should be provided to the employees to minimize the effects of the process in the long run. Sugarcoating and presenting the situation in an unrealistic way would invite serious disrespects and employee oppression.

Ensuring adequate training and participation

Adequate training should be provided to the employees prior to having major technical changes and process. Shift in technical and working patterns can be sorted out by the provision of induction and training programs enabling the workers to tackle the changes and to feel not to be left behind in the process. Employee feedbacks and suggestions can be taken into consideration while deriving plans for committing changes and it can ensure the perspective ideas of the workers to be voiced within the firm.