In the time of high competition, attracting and retaining talents become quite the priorities. Here we are discussing how companies can diminish employee turnover with a strong cybersecurity approach

FREMONT, CA: Majority of the companies are well aware of the consequences of employee shortage. The financial cost of employee turnover can shoot up to 150 percent of the employee’s salary. In the time of high competition, attracting and retaining talents become quite the priorities.

Besides investing in state-of-art-work environments or providing employees with more flexibility, businesses of today may be ignoring another important aspect that can have a strong impact on employee retention: IT security.

Employee engagement is one of those numerous factors that can influence employee retention. Employee engagement is a complicated concept, and any number of changes can affect an employee’s engagement levels.

Providing employees with a frictionless and updated technology environment is more likely to become a desirable workplace for the employees.

Here are three ways of employee retention with an approach to strong cybersecurity:

Maximum Security

Inadequate processes and vulnerable IT security can cause system failures, which may have negative impacts on employee performance. Slow performance may indicate the possibility of a breached network. System lags, not being able to get timely access to the information can demotivate the employees. In order to deliver maximum work and high productivity, employees must be able to rely on the availability, security, and reliability of the systems.

Lesser the Friction, the Better

It can become very frustrating for employees if security measures keep on interrupting their workflow. This frustration can lead to shadow IT, which ends up creating even more security issues. Fundamentally, streamlined business processes are needed to be secured with the right level of cybersecurity to keep the employees engaged in their work.

Organizations are recommended to prioritize their security approach. Employees may become more supportive if they are aware of the hard work IT security teams are pulling together to facilitate frictionless work.

Practice Precautions

Engaged employees, who have faith in their organization’s stronghold on cybersecurity, and who understand the need for infallible security, are more likely to feel responsible for implementing cybersecurity practices. Through constant practices, the entire organization can be more protected. Also, employees must stay vigilant and adopt the right precautions to further avoid any cyber breaches.

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