Employers or hiring teams can strategize their recruitment strategy to attract qualified employees while improving employee retention through effective recruitment marketing.

FREMONT, CA: In tight labor markets where competition for labor is fierce, recruitment marketing is essential to finding qualified candidates, regardless of economic conditions.

Consumers tend to search online for careers the same way they search for purchases, reading public feedback and using online sources. Many passive candidates do not actively seek new employment, which can influence their decision whether to apply for a job or accept an offer from a company. As part of recruitment marketing's role, recruitment marketers convey the brand story along with job descriptions.

Creating a recruitment marketing plan that showcases the organization's uniqueness and allows for personalized appeals is important.

Use organic and paid to advertise: Determine the social media platforms that target candidates frequently. Candidates from millennials and Gen X tend to use Instagram to search for open positions. Identifying the best social media platforms allows organizations to place organic and paid advertising.

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Rev up the power of company-owned channels. You can market your employer brand and attract candidates to your organization's website, blog, career pages, YouTube channels, and newsletters. Promote job openings by highlighting working from home, hybrid work, and digital nomads as timely issues and trends.

Develop internal subject-matter experts: Recruiting marketing strategies can utilize internal subject-matter experts in various ways. Companies can highlight the contributions and maintenance of open-source developers to attract them. Recruiting teams can also highlight experts who can explain how to change career paths within a company, how to become a digital nomad, or how to learn new skills. Develop a learning series around topics that are of interest to targeted candidates.

Use email and newsletters to engage candidates: Create engaging content and offers after the first contact to engage job seekers in email and newsletters. These must engage candidates beyond the first job listing or search hit.

Repurpose content: Employer brands must be consistent across channels and departments to build trust with candidates. Repurposing the same content across channels is one way to ensure consistency. A company can use the recruitment marketing content it produces for its blog to develop podcasts, webinars, newsletters, and videos. Recruitment marketing content can be maximized while minimizing its costs by repurposing it.