A recruitment service called executive search or headhunting finds outstanding candidates for senior-level positions. The recruitment industry requires specialized expertise in this particular field.

Fremont, CA: Choosing the right executive for the company is crucial, as they lead teams, make key business decisions, and gain an edge over competitors. Recruiters manage job openings for clients, interview and carefully select candidates, and look for exciting new talent. It is possible to retain or conduct a contingent executive search, depending on the client's needs. 

Agreement for contingent search

Contingency search agreements work on a fee-for-win basis, which means the agency only gets paid once the client finds the right candidate. Multi-firm searches are often used to find the right candidate for a role. You can access a wide talent pool by working with multiple firms on a contingent search basis without committing much.

 Agreement for retained search

An executive recruiting agency receives payment from a client upfront and during the different stages of the recruitment process. In retained search, the client and the consultant work together consistently to communicate, collaborate, and provide feedback.

Retained searches establish a strong partnership between client and agency, and recruiters become ambassadors for employers' brands. As recruiters understand the brand's culture, values, and requirements, they may be better equipped to find high-profile talent through this relationship.

Executive search features

The proactive, in-depth approach 

Unlike traditional recruitment strategies, executive recruitment strategies target a very small number of roles with a highly-personalized approach, by understanding the company's needs and searching for candidates accordingly, the agency narrows and thoroughs the search process.

In most executive searches, the candidates are passive, so a proactive approach is required. It is not enough for these types of candidates to receive an impressive remuneration package to consider the position.

Relationships with clients that are exceptional 

The agency's relationship with the client is crucial in executive recruitment. The candidate must possess a solid understanding of the business, its values, mission, and culture, as well as the role itself and its requirements. When it comes to headhunting, consistency and transparency are imperative.

Higher stakes mean higher costs

There is usually an upfront fee associated with this search process, which makes it more expensive than traditional recruitment. However, the risk of making a wrong hire is much greater, so it is well worth investing in.