The key objective among HR professionals is to create a people-centric workforce experience that reinforces the organizational purpose and culture of every organization in 2022.

FREMONT, CA: Organizations, professionals and experts anticipate that shifting the power back to people is likely to be the greatest challenge and equally the greatest opportunity for organizations in the coming years. Experts are also explicit that it is not easy to put a positive lens to all the gloom and doom that occurred in the previous year. People seem to leave their jobs in search of purpose and autonomy. Today, mental health is the major focus of concern and managers are in apprehension that if they take up the role of mentors, will people still feel the need to keep an eye on their personalities. As more workforce are likely to embrace remote working as a part of a hybrid setup in 2022, experts are expecting that more organizations might make use of lean, just-in-time skills from remote freelance and gig workers. It is no doubt that organizations that succeed in serving the needs of the people and unlocking the full potential of an individual are likely to sail into 2022 riding high.

It is also seen that employers are relying on data to assist and empower their employees and exploit those insights to have a better understanding of their requirements and what drives productivity. Employers nowadays are in search of better opportunities to enhance visibility and comprehend the necessities of a dispersed workforce as they are also in the hunt for on-site, fully remote or hybrid workplace models. Change is the keyword for the year 2022 as the uncertainty over the pandemic still exists, at the same time HR professionals have to arrange and manage a productive workforce regardless of where employees work. Though working from home was the norm in 2021, in 2022, numerous companies are progressively shifting to a work-from-anywhere approach.

Although employees are excited about the new option of working from anywhere, HR leaders need to conduct a detailed study as to how they are going to implement it.