New York City, NY: ProCleanings, Co. is being sub-contracted by Green Maids to handle disinfecting services.

ProCleanings, Co. provides cleaning and disinfecting services throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. They’re also handling logistics and other support services in New York state. All technicians are skilled and they use the best technology to disinfect all businesses.

Right now, they currently use Victory Backpacks, an electrostatic sprayer to disinfect large areas as well as the botanical-based disinfectant Bioesque. This not only protects businesses from the health crisis but their services will protect against different types of bacteria.

ProCleanings, Co. is an expert in commercial and industrial cleaning and disinfecting. They offer many different services, such as maintenance and janitorial. ProCleanings, Co. can clean and disinfect many different types of businesses, such as offices, medical facilities, rental properties, and retail stores. They only offer the best work, no matter the service.

The company has over a decade’s worth of experience. They’re renowned for their expert customer service and commitment to client satisfaction.

Due to the health crisis, ProCleanings, Co. is offering cleaning services. They only provide effective disinfecting against the virus while only using safe and non-toxic cleansers.

Unfortunately, businesses will continue to feel the impacts of this health crisis for a long time. It’s more important than ever that businesses disinfect their property and keep their staff safe. Businesses can trust ProCleanings, Co. is vigilant about property sanitation as well as safety.

With their amazing professional disinfecting services, staff members will be safe working in the office every day. They only use the CDC’s disinfecting protocols to ensure viruses aren't spread or transmitted in the office.

ProCleanings, Co. focuses on surfaces that are frequently touched. This includes tables, desks, bathroom sinks, and more. Their cleaning services also target the flooring and windows, ensuring there’s no trace of the virus anywhere.

Customers can also customize their services to ensure ProCleanings, Co. meets their needs.

In addition to the businesses previously mentioned, ProCleanings, Co. offers these services to businesses with lots of people. This includes schools, daycares, gyms, and places of worship.

Choosing commercial disinfecting services can be difficult. ProCleanings, Co. only uses high-quality professionals who are familiar with proper disinfecting procedures. They thoroughly clean all surfaces to ensure there are no bacteria or viruses. They also not only use CDC-approved cleansers but also use EPA-approved disinfectants to clean businesses effectively but also safely. In addition, the ProCleanings staff members always wear personal protection equipment (PPE) and practice social distancing.