Vertical location data is used in an IoT-enabled linked employees solution for the first time.

Fremont, CA: There have been substantial advances in workplace safety in the past few months. The harsh fact that front-line workers now run the risk of developing health issues that the world is only now learning to treat can be unsettling. For occupational safety and health experts, this has meant a rekindled interest in and importance of maintaining worker safety.

"At NextNav, we're enhancing location data to the three-dimensional world we live in," said Dan Hight, Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships at NextNav. "By bringing our Pinnacle service to VOS Systems' technology, we're helping businesses understand what floor their workers are on, improving safety and communication. Together, we're setting a path forward for a safer and more efficient workplace for personnel across several industries from construction to education."

NextNav, a pioneer in next-generation GPS, has collaborated with VOS Systems to add vertical positioning capabilities to its CoReTM product range via NextNav's Pinnacle service. Together, the two firms will pioneer the first connected worker solution with vertical positioning capabilities, enhancing workplace efficiency and allowing for a speedier emergency response to affected workers.

Adding vertical location services via NextNav expands VOS Systems' offerings without requiring additional localized or on-premise infrastructure. It also provides critical location intelligence in multistory buildings and locations, including those without WiFi or internet access, such as construction sites. Vertical location capabilities in industries such as construction provide information like what floor a worker is on, which can be important in emergency scenarios and is otherwise inaccessible with typical 2D location lone worker safety protocols.

VOS Systems provides internet of things (IoT) solutions to enterprises in order to improve employee safety and workplace efficiency. Its system delivers location data on lone workers, such as construction workers, warehouse personnel, and school staff. It is crucial in emergencies and may get utilized to assist organizations in making staffing, safety, and privacy decisions. CoReTM, VOS Systems' all-encompassing platform that connects people, equipment, and tools through the use of 5 G-enabled wearables and sensors designed for construction and other complex environments, will integrate NextNav's Pinnacle service, adding vertical location data for enhanced worker monitoring.